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  1. we'll see how the process plays out but right now none of the qb prospects seem to be that great or worthy of the #1 pick.
  2. looks like cade may not play the season opener either. is this going to be a season long thing? how long does it take to heal a sprained ankle?
  3. stanley johnson waived by the bulls. one more time: fuck off stan van gundy.
  4. and holmes was on the staff that traded multiple picks for jared goff. more ominously, he was also on the staff that picked greg robinson #2. but no one knows what input he had there. other than sewell, the lions draft picks have looked pretty good so far to my untrained eye. and sewell has had him moments too. it hasnt all been bad. and - as campbell pointed out today - the oline isnt being helped by goff not getting the ball out and dropping too deep in the pocket. goff is playing scared and its killing them.
  5. lions open as 16 point underdogs in LA. i bet it gets up to 17.5.
  6. the picks were always going to be close to the bottom if round one. they're still pretty valuable. but to make the trade they had to take goff. look, the lions are tanking on purpose, goff is the PERFECT qb for that. this year and next.
  7. vikings just drove down the field against carolina in a tie game. carolina rushed 4 the entire time. didnt matter. then they missed a 47 yard field goal as time expired that would have won the game. poor lions. they just cant buy a break this year.
  8. i know bertuzzi comes with unnecessary distractions about vaccinations and his back issues, but i dont really want to trade him. he's really good. if they do trade him, they better get a haul.
  9. it will all be complete when we add shane wright next year.
  10. i dont think so. a lot of their assistants have. most famously a couple of guys names shula and belicheck.
  11. there is no question that the lions are the worst franchise in american sports history. they play in a league specifically designed to achieve parity and make it easy for bad teams to get better. in that time, they have won one playoff game. ONE! its amazing how terrible they are. no one else is close.
  12. i feel happy for matt stafford. finally got the fuck out of here and now getting his due as a top 10 nfl qb.
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