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  1. wait until private equity ends up owning the florida state seminoles football program. that will be interesting.
  2. markstrom likely to get moved too. but i dont want the wings to pay for it.
  3. do not trade meaningful assets for a goalie. goalies are volatile.
  4. not at $4m per. equivalent of spending big money on copp based on his stint with the rangers in the playoffs.
  5. lots of variation from the consensus. lindstrom at 2? levshunov at 10? hage at 40?
  6. as "mid" as the tigers are, take a moment and laugh at how historically bad the chicago white sox are right now. theyre down 13-1 and about to lose their 14th straight game.
  7. cant imagine he'll het past calgary at 9. wings lack elite skill players in their system. its the one thing they lack and also the one thing that's hardest to find. not sure if iginla fits that bill, eiserman has elite scoring skill, but lacks drive and defensive responsibilty. i doubt either of them are there. michael hage was brought up on wwp today. nygard screams yzerman pick. jack of all trades, elite master of none, hard worker, responsible, plays in sweden.
  8. eiserman might be mantha 2.0.
  9. i dont see any big push for an nhl team in milwaukee.
  10. football will break off. form their own group. the ratings this year are going to be bonkers. michigan texas? usc michigan? ohio state oregon? texas texas am? oklahoma alabama? theyre going to want a full slate of that. no more clemson north carolina bull****. two 20 team divisions, just like the nfl.
  11. i dont think the wings should give up the farm for him. i would trade kasper. i wouldnt trade danielson. and if they are stocked at center, they probably want sandin pelikka and picks.
  12. yeah, why would the ship off a young player like that just coming into his prime? they have no cap concerns. he's young enough to be on their timeline for success. sounds fishy to me.
  13. probably, but then you have to pay him, raymond, and seider. he'd be on the same "time line" as those other two. that's your core (plus debrincat, i guess). can you win with that core? the wings are going to be a little short on space this year, but things open up nicely next year.
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