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  2. just another day in South Dakota.
  3. Electronic strike zone is 10 years overdue. Do it. Also, let's calibrate the vertical strike zone based on each batter's height, knees slightly flexed, so that Rickey Henderson can't duck under it. You still need a home plate umpire for checked swings, plays at the plate and so on. But this nonsense about every umpire having his own strike zone is ridiculous.
  4. FWIW, I don't mind the replay reviews at all, compared to what some other posters have stated. I like them because the TV crew uses the time involved with the review to show slo-mo footage of the plays in question. Even when the calls go against what I might prefer they might be, I still find peace in knowing the actual truth.
  5. I don't disagree with you on that. I was just trying to state my rationale specific to the issue of robo-umps. Sometimes I wonder if the umps might realize they made a bad call to the benefit of "team A", and intentionally make a call against them trying to balance the books in their own conscience? I'm probably giving it too much thought, but I've often wondered if they do that sort of thing.
  6. There can be certainly be inaccuracies in the "Bally Box" and as a matter of fact, when we used to be able to get strike call maps from Brooks baseball in real time, the umps were often more accurate in that box than in the (then) 'Fox Box.' But that aside, there is no excuse for what happened today to Niko where the ump gave the pitcher 2 ball widths additional on both sides of the plate in the same AB! There is no perspective or video inaccuracy can explain/excuse that. I have a fair amount of sympathy for the umps when players bitch about calls missed a little low or high, but umps should not be misjudging pitches on the horizontal axis.
  7. I see a lot of odd-off calls relative to where the ball passes relative to the box painted on the screen in the broadcasts, vs what they are called by the umpire...but I haven't decided if the deviation is due to bad calls, or by bad schematics in the broadcasts. I think it's the same box painted on the screen for every batter...not tuned specifically to the physical characteristics of the individual players. And naturally, you're going to have different strike zones for someone like Frank Howard, vs a squirt like Jose Altuve. Which leads me to wonder about robo umps, who will diligently calibrate the strike zone for each individual player...through out each and every game in their entirety? How accurate and dependable will the calibrators be, and how would one appeal malfunction?
  8. This guy needs to be charged with murder. Thread
  9. Overall speed can cover a lot of blemishes. Plus, it seems there may be some hints that Jamie Collins was not following protocols, playing out of position, not covering guys he was supposed to, he was kind of improvising out there and it probably threw everyone else off. I think they were better without Flowers too. They had more energy overall. Maybe because these guys are from the old regime they just are not buying in 100% to what Glenn and Campbell want................HA, Glen Campbell !
  10. And there has never ever been another glimpse of that same shade of green since then. It truly was breathtaking to see it for the first time. Even as a kid, you knew it was special.
  11. You saw Luke Duke? I met Boss Hogg (somewhat in character) at an auto show at the old play area of the Mud Hens. He was dressed as the curmudgeon but was friendly as could be.
  12. Seeing Willie out in LF, man, if that didn’t pull at your emotions, nothing would. It was pretty interesting the spectrum of entrances. Willie. Fidrych as himself. Gibson’s pop up slide. A lot of stoic waves by some of the older players.
  13. I was at that game with my then-girlfriend. Kerry Wood, started, and Sosa broke the single-month HR record, but the Tigers won the game. There was a buzz in the crowd when Matt Anderson came on in the 7th with two on and no outs. His warm-up was pretty electric, to say the least.
  14. I would be good with it. There are too many bad calls that effect the outcome of the games. Let the players decide the outcome and computers and sensors call the balls and strikes. I can see baseball traditionalists not like it. This would be a major change to the game.
  15. Yesterday
  16. In LaRussa’s defense, I would think this specific incident is all on Abreu. He got hit with an 0-2. Sure, it probably hurt like heck since it was in the elbow. But it’s an 0-2 pitch in a one run game. Get a brain, moran. And I would think this is the last thing LaRussa wants right now. He’s already stated he’s not worried about seeding. There’s no way he wants to risk anyone getting hurt in an on field fracas a week out of the playoffs. Plus he was probably napping at the time.
  17. I think you’re right. He’s not doing games on the road anyway. And the reasons are pretty obvious.
  18. So is this the kind of thing LaRusso would instigate?
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