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  1. Can we evaluate on such a small sample size ? Probably as kids says. Agree not a solid looking outfielder but he did show a little with the bat.
  2. I for one am exhausted with what I feel is the over emphasis of platooning. McStinky in left field and bringing up Captain Bligh just because their lefties feels like a reach. Neither have and now or future in their game. Just let Ibanez and Verling play. They have a future with us.
  3. Erod has yet to pitch this season for the Diamondbacks due to injury. Not saying he's not hurt or taking the sloooow road back. He burned bridges in Detroit and Boston it seems as both teams made zero effort to sign him back in free agency. Harris probably had a good trade with LA versus no/bad trades with a team not on Rod's no trade list and when Rod and his agent verbally agreed he did not expect a last minute "stick up" for more $$. I applaud him for not mentioning this afterwards or complaining to the press. He acted very professionally. It's unfortunate but not his fault. Remember the LA GM Friedman also thought it was a done deal.
  4. Or protecting the asset your keeping and riding hard the one your not ?
  5. It's really not that hard. If some team is over amped to win this year and over pays then sure trade Skubal. If not just wait until the off season when you have almost all the teams to bargain with if you can't extend him. failing to make ideal just roll with him for two more shots at the playoffs.
  6. True but don't discount the $$..Skubal is making peanuts....
  7. Elias is the best talent evaluator in the game in my opinion who does love his "prospects" and is the opposite of Dave Dombrowski who has multiple championships. This is a new bridge for Elias to cross and I wonder if the new owner won't encourage him somewhat. He will find new talent but he night miss an opportunity being too cautious as well. I "think" Holiday is the easiest of all his pieces to trade since Gunner is the best shortstop in the game and Westbrook has second covered already at an all star level. Ditto with Bassillo and Rutchman at catcher. Holiday and Basslio plus for Skubal as the "guts" of a deal just makes sense. My opinion.
  8. Yes and will it be hard if we went overslept for Rainer ? Or do you think these were two guys they really really liked and will risk signing later in the draft ?
  9. Is that why he slipped to us at 11 ? The Free Press article says he was the best prep shortstop in the draft. Is that so ?
  10. True but most pitchers are right-handed and isn't right field easier to reach in Comerica ?
  11. So do you think Tigers will go two -Way and did we do good with Rainer.
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