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  1. It was both. They thought they could re-sign him when even Suh's sister said he couldn't wait to get out. And the bastard wants to come back now that we're good. Screw him. Go punch a baby or something. Great player who cost us plenty of games with stupid penalties.
  2. Funny, they haven't talked about Franco all day...............hmmmm
  3. I guess it's spring training for the camera operator and director too. Yeesh.........
  4. Oh, I think Kennedy wins the election of he wasn't killed. Bobby was young, energetic, and didn't have the war attached to him. Hubert Humphrey was this tired old politician who had always been hanging around but never truly defined himself. A candidate like that took all the wind out of the Democrats sails. When Bobby was killed after JFK and MLK, it's like a lot of people just gave up. Humphrey wasn't even running, he didn't win any of the primaries. Eugene McCarthy would have done much better. I think he still would have lost, but at least he had something behind him. They settled on Humphrey and settling doesn't work in politics. Not for big offices. The Democrats lost a decade because they went with the tired old part of the establishment. Society was shifting in their direction on social issues and Anti-War, but they turned away from that. It was before Reagan turned "liberal: into a dirty word. If Ford refused to pardon Nixon, would he have won? The Republican settled for Ford. Reagan would have beaten Carter in 1976. In 2004 the Democrats settled for Kerry. I think Howard Dean would have won the nomination if he didn't yell with excitement and all he had to do was sway one or two states and I think he could have. He had some energy building behind him. Think of where we are now and the way Trump acts every single day and think about how just yelling in victory cost a man his campaign. Howard was ahead of his time. Gary Hart could have won it all in 1988 if he wasn't such a putz in his personal life.
  5. Yes, might be best to separate herself from the party of lunatics until that's over. But that's a runaway train and that might not be over for a long time. She'll look very very weak if she caves now.........after how she's gone after him so aggressively. If Biden should drop out at some point (and he could), who would be the front runners other than Kamala Harris? Andy Beshear? (he'd pull some moderates) Chris Murphy? (he will get tagged as East Coast Liberal) Big Gretch? (the left would love her but I still think this country won't elect a female for President unless both candidates are female. We're still so stuck in the past. Joe's age is going to be a major factor (even through Trump is only 3 years younger and certainly not as sharp. Gretchen would drive the Right insane. She's been pretty successful here (in my opinion). Far from perfect, but things seem to be going well.
  6. How long until Nikki starts praising Trump?
  7. Oh, and 3. Do you think Mike Laga can continue this power surge into the season?
  8. Big questions are 1. Is Miggy looking to be in good shape, has he slimmed down? 2. Is Bonderman's Change-Up coming along?
  9. For lo, my hangover is gone, the pain is mostly over and gone: the Tylenol appears on my counter and the time of the clearing of throat is come and the voice of Tom Waits is heard in my house.
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