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  1. Bidet All Day. I go through about 20% of the amount of toilet paper I used to. I mainly use it to pat dry now.
  2. Never feed a bear a marshmallow like this.......
  3. He won his lawsuit over the NFL...........For $3 LOL.
  4. The vaccine manufacturers have never claimed it to be 100% effective. If you compared the number of deaths from the vaccine or of the vaccinated to other medications including over the counter standards like aspirin, you'd see that there is no 100% cure for everything. Thousands of people die from taking aspirin every year. It's like seat belts, seat belts save lives but not every time, but you are far better off wearing one. But that's nuance, and we can't have nuance (or as some would spell it newontz).
  5. Colin Powell has died from COVID and was fully vaccinated. So watch the Q-Tards use this to say "See.......it doesn't work". They are going to hammer this to death. In some ways I liked Powell, but he also helped dupe us into a very expensive war on false pretenses that led to a more unstable Middle East.
  6. That's what we're left with Frank Zappa (or Jason Schwartzman from Fargo), rooting for Scorigami. I have to admit, i checked too and was very disappointed. Plus I didn't use my displeasure with the Lions to motivate me to cut my grass. Now it's getting too dark to do it. Look what these bastards have done to me. Awake, Awake, English Nobility Let not sloth dim your horrors new-begot.
  7. I am really questing Taylor Decker at this point. I thought when football players injured fingers they taped them to other fingers, wrapped up their hands and played. Trade deadline is in a couple of weeks. Get rid of him for draft picks.
  8. If the Lions had taken Justin Herbert, they'd have broken him by now.
  9. I think the parties involved knew Sheila was taking over well before she took over. She certainly could have told her mom to make the move. That year is costing them right now. I don't think Patricia should have gotten a 2nd year, much less a 3rd. It was pretty clear the atmosphere was poisonous pretty early.
  10. I did not expect them to win today, but I expected more than that. First time they didn't play hard for the coach, they broke. The Minnesota FG broke them. 0-17 Watch is now underway.
  11. Funny, all the Loins fans wearing jerseys of players that are long gone. And yes, Loins was on purpose.
  12. Saying Goff is approaching the 200 yard mark. Just shut up, don't talk about stats to me, moron.
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