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  1. I thought they were only going to wear The Horror for 3 or 4 games. Is this going to be every weekend now? I want my perfect Tiger home kits back !
  2. Sutherland won an Emmy for Citizen X. I can get past the accent issues. I loved this movie. I like how in Chernoby and The Death Of Stalin, they just let the actors speak in their natural accents and didn't worry about trying to sound Russian.
  3. But you have to because luck is going to run out at some point and Jared Goff will miss a game or two (hopefully no more). We have no idea how good Hendon is. It's about game management and not raw talent, so I think his ability to read defenses and his timing are more important than anything. I think Hooker is the backup but it never hurts to have another possible option incase of an injury or he just looks overmatched. We'll get a little bit of an idea in preseason how he is with timing. They took him for a reason. I trust in Brad.
  4. This scene, this right here. I put it up there with the brilliance of conveying emotion without having to raise a voice or get animated. It's so subtle, but powerful. Right up there with Paul Newman's summation scene in The Verdict. Great actors who use their face and voice so perfectly.
  5. Didn't matter what he was in or who he was playing. A pot-smoking college prof, a smart ass Army surgeon, a scientist trying to stop an alien invasion or an evil President overseeing kids killing each other as a game show - Donald Sutherland was a brilliant actor. Most actors are short, so it's harder for tall actors to get parts, but some break through because they are just great actors (James Cromwell comes to mind). And he had a great speaking voice too. But his best part was one of the most subtly brilliant performances in film history - as a heartbroken husband desperately trying to get his wife to acknowledge the death of a son and the pain of another in Ordinary People. He didn't even get an Oscar nomination for it. Probably because he was very political. One of the biggest snubs in Oscar history. A fine Canadian. R.I.P. Donald Sutherland. 88+ years is a good run
  6. Boeing is going to hire this guy as their next lawyer
  7. What's it gonna take to end Boeing? How many dangerous mistakes are going to be allowed? How is this allowed to keep happening?
  8. And this with Ray Oyler going 0 for August AND September in 1968. Enough with Kreidler. He had his one good game. He's done. There has to be an available shortstop out there that is better than Kreidler & McKinstry. It's not statisically possible there isn't. You'd be asking someone to be a .215 hitter............that's it. But this is Hinch's guy, right. Gotta stick with his guy. Please explain why Hinch is seemingly so untouchable. I know the groceries aren't great, but he's not even making prison-level chow with them.
  9. I know the Braves vs. the Tigers is like University of Michigan football vs. Purdue, but wow......just wow.
  10. Akil Baddoo is not a major league player. Enough already. Try something else. Try anything else. Just stop with him. This idea that Kreidler could be the SS if we got rid of Baez is laughable. He's not good (and this is his longest healthy stretch in a few years, waiting for the injury any minute now). I don't care if Zack McKinstry hits lefthanded because he can't hit anyway, so why does it matter which side of the plate he stands on. This OBP Machine Malloy needs a repairman. The bottom half of this lineup is bollocks. Can we please try something else............ANYTHING ELSE? PLEASE? The folks that coach hitting on this team. Why are their jobs so safe?
  11. How much do Republicans hate the fact that Juneteenth is a national holiday.
  12. There is a new Whistleblower against Boeing. Gee, hope they don't have an "accident" or commit "suicide".
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