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  1. So will we see Mayorkas testify about this now? He hired Cheeto Cheatle after all.
  2. As long as they don't wheel him out like Hanibal Lecter I will allow it. LOL
  3. Back protecting Doritos and Pepsi I suppose.
  4. C'mon I just laughed. I got my vax just like you. I never got boosted cause my doc said at my age group it was not needed.
  5. Alot has happened in the last 10 days in our country.
  6. I am seeing the "call" from Biden to Harris yesterday was not him or it was recorded. They are saying Biden is on life support or possibly dead and could not have approved Harris taking the nomination. They are basing this on Biden not physically being seen in almost a week. Don't shoot the messanger, that is the narrative thats out there currently.
  7. Progressive Field - Cleveland, OH Game Time Forecast: 80 30% Chance of Showers Listen: 97.1 The Ticket Watch: Bally Sports Det Starters: Tigers Bully Day RHP Xzavion Curry
  8. Most homeless folks are there due to untreated mental illness. A large majority are Vets. They can't function in society much less work a 9-5. I volunteer for a homeless outreach Vet group where I live. We help anyone that looks for help Vet or not. Most don't want help so we leave them a sandwich and water.
  9. This was already done with Biden last week. The head of lettuce hardly wilted before he quit.
  10. Just like anything in gov't plenty of blame to go around but little accountability. I am done beating the dead horse on this subject.
  11. I just refuse to forget them. Biden had a chance to right the ship and draw down our troops, equipment and allies. He was in charge and failed at that task. To me it not even political it’s bad management.
  12. lol history never happened. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/2020–2021_U.S._troop_withdrawal_from_Afghanistan#:~:text=The Biden administration's final,National Security Forces (ANSF).
  13. You smoking the good good tonight Cheefer? We pulled out the summer of 2021, lol. Trump still pulling the strings then? Remember, I am the dumb neck bearder….
  14. Negative I am not MAGA. We are the strongest military in the world and were muscled out by a Militia. We could have found a way to hold onto our fortified bases and evacuated the hundreds of interpreters and other personal who laid their life along with their families lives on the line. The gravity of that betrayal is lost in the U.S. They were all slaughtered, women and children. That was a choice the administration made on their own.
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