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  1. I'm stoked to hear they're finally showing up to the fight they're in
  2. sounds like a tax cut for rich people and an increase for poor people.
  3. That has only happened because we let the market decide
  4. I agree with the notion that it again looks like the Democrats aren't prepared for the fight they're currently in.
  5. What we have seen in your previous comments is a lot of Trump support
  6. The Supreme Court isn't political. Sincerely, the Federalist Society really exists
  7. Not to nitpick, but his side DID argue that exact thing for decades.
  8. the court has obviously been political for decades for both parties. Typical Trumper, holding everyone else to a higher standard than themselves yet AGAIN.
  9. sounds like Biden's SCOTUS commission has recommended staggered 18 year terms for SCOTUS.
  10. Biden would prolly just pardon him, there's really no difference between biden and trump. Sincerely, Susan Sarandon and also Archie
  11. he's awesome. have no idea how well he'll govern, but he's awesome.
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