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  1. If the Bengals can kick a field goal (37-11) or score a touchdown (41-11) and that’s it, we’d have a scorigami.
  2. Succession returns tonight.
  3. Maybe they beat the Jaguars to London. They do have a team nickname the Brits can get behind, plus they are used to watching bad gridiron football teams over there.
  4. That is one of the four accepted ways for the Lions to lose in horrific fashion: Go down big early, come back and fall just short. Come back from a deficit to to take the lead late and lose in the last minute. Take a big first half lead and blow it in the second half. Get blown out. They still have a chance for #1 or #2, but I got my money on #4.
  5. I don’t care of any of them win or lose because they are all dynasty teams, and if I don’t live in their city, I don’t root for them. I don’t like the three teams you mentioned in part for the reasons you state, and I don’t like the Braves either because they keep perpetuating the Chop. All I’m rooting for at this point are seven-game series, with the tying run coming to the plate in the ninth inning of Game Seven.
  6. In my big city, as in many, pedestrians at crosswalks have the right of way over cars. In fact, cars are required by state law to stop when a pedestrian is crossing, or about to cross. So I’ve trained myself to stop whenever I see a person standing at a crosswalk. In the past few years, I’ve stopped when I see a person at a crosswalk, only to have them ignore me, or stare at me like I’m an alien. After a few seconds I get the message and continue driving on. Didn’t take me long to figure out that they are standing on the corner waiting for their Uber or Lyft. I wish rideshare customers would pick a spot that’s not at a crosswalk, but that’s not gonna change. So the least they could do is stare down at their phone while standing there, which would be a signal to cars that they’re not waiting to cross. After all, isn’t that what everyone does all the time, anyway? But that won’t change, either. So I guess I’ll just continue to stop at crosswalks and then continue on when the person standing there just stands there.
  7. I think MTS was set to 24 hours and you had complete discretion as to whether an edit was marked as edited. If I had to guess, edit max time is set to five minutes here and any edit is marked as such. OOTP forums are set to five minutes before it’s automatically marked as edited, and you can edit forever. That’s a pretty good system, at least the five minute part. It allows you to edit technical mistakes like misspellings and punctuation errors. Since I updated to iOS 15, sometimes a letter or space I type will double up and I won’t notice it until I post and look at it live.
  8. I can see requiring masks when there are some people in the building known to not having been vaccinated, but I can’t understand requiring the wearing of masks when literally everyone in the building is vaccinated. It makes no logical sense to me. Either the building stewards are indemnifying themselves for legal and insurance purposes, or they don’t believe what people are offering up as proof of vaccination, at which point, why bother even asking because it’s theater at that point.
  9. Be mentally prepared to be required to wear a mask even with the requirement everyone be vaccinated. I went to a play last month where that was the case.
  10. Please. You know as well as anyone that there is a well-accepted standard of what point a check swing becomes a strike, what that standard is, and that this falls well short of it. Enough with the gaslighting. Come on.
  11. FWIW, in a chat, Kevin Goldstein said he thought that the AJ connection in Detroit might help bring Correa here. Flip side, Goldstein was neck deep in the scandal down there, so I'm not sure how much salt to put on that assessment.
  12. And since when can't you measure thickness with a caliper? Is that a controversy, too?
  13. You want video? OK. Same video they showed during the game. There is no controversy because literally no one is claiming that he swung after all. The umpire botched it. I'm not blaming him for the loss, because the Giants made their share of fatal mistakes (Doval in the ninth?). But the umpire's botched call sealed the loss and robbed the Giants of overcoming their own mistakes.
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