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  1. I don't agree even a little that a perfect world would have Joe Biden opting out of running because he is old. Joe Biden is arguably the best president since FDR, is still performing at a high level into his 80s, and if nothing else, he has surrounded himself with good and competent people to pursue the agenda he has established—an agenda that has resulted in getting COVID under control; soft-landing the economy without a recession; marshaling the world's efforts against Putin; bringing prices way down on life-saving drugs; making us the leading producer of renewable energy (and non-renewable energy, FWTW); cracking down on junk fees by banks; keeping China at bay; tackling crippling, coercive student debt; bringing high-tech microchip production to the US; implementing the greatest infrastructure effort since the Interstate Highway System; and several more that are escaping me at the moment. Don't you want four more years of the same? Because put some other Democrat in there and there's no guarantee they don't just substitute batons instead of taking Joe's and running with it. Besides, who would you run in Biden's place? Gretchen Whitmer? (A) she's not available or ready to run, and (b) there are still a lot of people on the margins, enough to cost the election (thanks to the Electoral College), who will simply not vote for a woman for president, even in 2024. Pete Buttigieg? Same thing, substitute "gay' for "woman". J.B. Pritzker? Nobody knows who he is, he weighs 400 pounds so substitute "fat" for "old", and people would hang the myth of nation-leading Chicago crime around his neck like an anvil on a pier. Dean Phillips? He's already proven to be dead in the water. Marianne Williamson? Robert Kennedy Jr? Kamala Harris? *snort* Who else ya got? Besides, I don't think it's a fait accompli that Biden will be dead before January 20, 2029, anyway. Every elite in the world is living into their 90s and beyond these days because they all have access to the best, most advanced healthcare in the world, and Biden has the best of all of them, literally 24/7. Plus he has shown that he's pretty healthy—he even rides bicycles for exercise, or at least he did as recently as last August. Biden is not gonna simply drop dead of being 85. So I'm not worried about that at all.
  2. Well, clearly, Eric was recently not "so, so supportive" of Trump.
  3. I don't know if that's true of Mets fans, and yet, he left. When I caught a high pop foul on the fly in Washington in 2017—something you almost never see—of the four broadcasts between the two teams, Josh Lewin on Mets radio was the only one to mention it on-air.
  4. Boras is setting a precedent that he is open to low-year/high-AAV contracts with opt-outs every year. Expect to see the same thing for Blake Snell, at the very least. I wouldn't bet on the other two big ones settling for the same.
  5. I think there's a good chance TORK! clears both .500 SLG and forty bombs, even with half his games at home, based on the idea that whatever clicked in August is sustainable, especially if this coaching team is focusing on him, which I believe they will.
  6. Josh Lewin has cycled through a lot a lot of jobs, which leads me to wonder whether he is a nightmare employee.
  7. Oh, sorry, I thought we were limiting discussion to criminal aspects of the case, of which the judge basically determined there were none. Yeah, I agree, Bauer is a bad guy, and almost certainly a clubhouse cancer, and I wouldn't want him on my team, either, unless we're talking OOTP.
  8. And the latest I've heard is that Vegas isn't going to be ready until 2028. As if the A's are expected to be a lame duck franchise for four years! That sure is different from how the Pilots moved to Milwaukee, which they finalized less than a month before opening day. The more incredible thing to me is that Major League Baseball, an enterprise grossing eleven figures annually and which is image-conscious to such a degree that they fire talking heads off their network for even implying that they may have ever done anything not completely 100% right, is seriously considering allowing this state of affairs to go on four years, which, at that point, they just might as well punch themselves in the eye every day for four years.
  9. I remember maybe 12 or 15 or so years ago, on the old MTS board, certain posters arguing at the time that people must have been faking being poor to get handouts because so many of them were so fat, and how can they be so poor and so in need of the government cheese our tax dollars pay for when they already have so much presumably expensive food to eat because they’re so fat? Ah, the good ol’ days …
  10. We do know what held up in court. https://www.foxla.com/news/trevor-bauer-and-his-accuser-lindsey-hill-settle-legal-battle
  11. I don’t know if he’s consciously doing PR for The Man, but Dan does have a daughter in her 20s, so I could see where he simply has a visceral personal distaste for the entire sordid episode and the man attached to it. There could be a smattering of Believe The Woman at play here, too.
  12. I agree. I love Dan as an announcer, and he was very nice and gracious and generous the time I interviewed him for my long-dead blog, but it was disappointing to see him lean on tired tropes such as Bauer somehow finagled the system to get a judge who would be sympathetic to him.
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