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  1. I think you’re right. He’s not doing games on the road anyway. And the reasons are pretty obvious.
  2. So is this the kind of thing LaRusso would instigate?
  3. I love Jim but he’s kinda dopey at times. Forgetting stuff, rambling. I do this but I’m not on air.
  4. I sure hope they can remember how to hit the ball and that it will not result in pop-ups or line drives directly at outfielders or easy ground balls for double plays.
  5. I thought it was funny how AJ was stunned and surprised that the media guys were making a big deal about Skubal having 200 strikeouts over this season and last. AJ has repeatedly affirmed that he doesn’t care how the outs are procured. He’s not going to change this assertion he’s explicitly made to his team just to gush along with the press corps.
  6. How many guys congregating at the mound does it take to read how to pitch to Kyle Isabel?
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