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  1. There can be certainly be inaccuracies in the "Bally Box" and as a matter of fact, when we used to be able to get strike call maps from Brooks baseball in real time, the umps were often more accurate in that box than in the (then) 'Fox Box.' But that aside, there is no excuse for what happened today to Niko where the ump gave the pitcher 2 ball widths additional on both sides of the plate in the same AB! There is no perspective or video inaccuracy can explain/excuse that. I have a fair amount of sympathy for the umps when players bitch about calls missed a little low or high, but umps should not be misjudging pitches on the horizontal axis.
  2. Could be, but I doubt he will be. Mantha plays like he thinks he is Wayne frickin' Gretzky. He wants to float around above the fray and wait for some hard worker like Bertuzzi to set him up. Problem is that he is about 1000 goals short of earning that kind of deference.
  3. If Manning had had the K zone Niko just got, he'd have pitched a shutout. Ridiculous umpiring with the game on the line. OTOH, if Niko had even the hint of rumor of a rep for knowing the K zone, he might get one of those once in a while.
  4. the difference with Ras is that he can flash a certain level of physical dominance. Of course so could Mantha, didn't make him a good player - only meant that you could project a possible scenario where he is. Freely admitting that I haven't seen that much of him, to me the question with Zadina is whether he has the skill to ever draw your eye to him as a dominant player on the ice other than when he is working at an exertion level he can't sustain.
  5. I liked this part (from the same NYT citation):
  6. Yup - it's gotten to be a pattern that has become self re-enforcing because of it goes get more social media attention. Once is an accident, twice is a co-incidence. After that it's a plan.
  7. If we won 1st overall we'd expect Connor McDavid, of course!
  8. I used to say that Tiger Stadium had 10,000 of the best seats in the major leagues, but also 40,000 of the worst. Basically the box seats were fantastic places to watch a game - none of the rest were worth much because of the poles. The upper deck was the mixed blessing. There is probably nothing comparable to how close the upper deck boxes were left at any modern stadium, but the poles holding up the upper deck meant that just about the only good seating in the lower level was the box seats which were out in front of them. The upper deck was great close to the rail - again those were all 'boxes', but it wasn't steep enough for the seats further back to be very good and then you got to the poles holding up the roof. EDIT: HaHa - LS was typing the same post give or take a few thou...
  9. Watching Tiger shortstops this season has been the one deeply masochistic aspect of this year's fandom.
  10. no, Haase is a nice backup/utility guy and he might be a great platoon with a young Alex Avila, but I don't see LH platoon catcher candidate out there.
  11. Manning got out of it despite being really squeezed on a couple of pitches.
  12. I'm not strictly against term limits per se, but the ones we have in MI are so short they are counterproductive. I think something more like 12 yrs would force sufficient roll-over without creating the incompetence churn we have in the lower chamber now.
  13. Yup, that's the one. I'm have no dog in a fight over whether Reyes or Hill wins the battle for more PA, but the rest is where they need to end up by sometime in May.
  14. I still have a little hope Rasmussen turns into an asset. Fading fast for the others. Yzerman keeps saying nice things about Velano, but it's probably just GM speak.
  15. Excellent JB! I have a whole catalog of fungi shots from a couple of trips to Isle Royale. The joke for me being that the SO is a mycologist.
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