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  1. yeah I can see him being difficult also its heard to know
  2. or baseball fans dont like or get his sense of humor
  3. I'm just waiting for some Silicone valley tech Billionaire to buy them and force the Giants to let them move to San Jose. To me that would be the best conclusion.
  4. wonder if the political issues in Venezeula might be a factor
  5. I beat they stay pissing everyone off in the meantime
  6. this if he was a hitter I would think about it but he's been a cancer way before this
  7. from what the Tigers Minor League report guys heard that until recently minor league players were pretty much on their when it comes to development or making chnages ... its a wonder anyone made it out of the Tigers system
  8. ah the Fifth estate is in its dying days.... Woodard and Bernstein eat your hearts out we got the Tigers beat writers uncovering all the stories
  9. does anyone else listen to Fangraphs Effectively Wild podcast? I usually listen to the team previews this time of year but after that I cant stand Meg and Ben and I stop listening til next spring training. I can't explain why but they annoy me and miss Carson Cistulli hosting
  10. A lot of local beat writers act like Fanboys its kind of annoying
  11. https://twitter.com/BallySportsDET/status/1759691466740293932 Benetti funny interview with Hinch
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