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  1. OK, there ya' go... DEFINITELY for the Supreme Court. I'm on board.. can we start RIGHT NOW with corrupt POS Clarence Thomas?!?!
  2. Not to be mean but, Trump's going to be dead within 6 years due to clogged arteries (heart attack). Or maybe he just... "Blows a gasket?"
  3. I prefer a path forward with the Republican Party splitting into MAGA-Fascists and all-other-conservatives that cannot stomach MAGA or the over-the-top Evangelicals. That's where Trump and Haley currently sit. Since the anti-Trump voter is splintering everywhere in multiple directions (to right-leaning Indies, some are hold-their-nose-but-vote-for-Trump, some Suburban Republican Moms for Democrats, etc., etc...): Trump can't win. He loses again this year... And the Republican Party will implode into I don't know how many pieces, accusations, in-fighting, etc. Oh, BTW, that's already happening, right now and for the past year.
  4. Short version: You get more idiot, corrupt/ corrupted/ corruptible candidates with term limits. History has shown term limits to be very... stupid. And... wait for it...: Short-sighted.
  5. It's going to happen exactly in that way. This is not 2016. Everyone knows exactly who Trump is by now. Come November, everyone is voting for Biden except hardcore MAGA holdouts.
  6. Well that's a consistent 7 to 8 points.
  7. But more critically... I believe a large proportion of Haley's voters will vote for Biden in November. Probably a lot of split tickets: Biden and whoever they like for locals and Senate & Reps... Trump has become entirely too toxic. Especially for moderate Republicans, Republican women (a large % who I'd have no idea what that % actually is...), and center-to-right leaning Indies. South Carolina results reinforce this with me in a HUGE way. I mean... unless Haley pulls out the miracle and actually takes the nomination away from Trump. Ya never know if Trump will drown in all his legal troubles. It doesn't look likely today... but there is still (a little) time...
  8. Literally... The Pot calling the Kettle...
  9. The time for a protest vote is RIGHT NOW, MB... Just like the pro-Palestinian Michiganders who want to vote "Uncommitted"... In the PRIMARY... As long as Biden gets all the votes in November, WHEN IT MATTERS... Is the ONLY thing that matters to me. Just my 2 cents.
  10. But isn't this his 1st (full) year in GR? I'd give him a little more time, at least through the end of next year.... to guess as to what he may be capable of turning into. He's a "stay-at-home" guy right? Not an offensive D'man? He's got 11 pts in 45 games with a +4 at 21 years old (22 in July), his 1st full year in GR... Yeah... I'd say he warrants a little more time.
  11. Also in Grand Rapids are 2020 picks Wallinder (2nd), Hanas (2nd), and Viro (3rd), and 2021 picks aside from Edvinsson & Cossa (1sts of course, in GR) is Mazur (3rd) and 2022 picks outside of 1st round Kasper (already in GR) is Amadeus Lombardi (love typing that... 4th rounder). None of the later round guys (outside of the 1st) might amount to ANYTHING. But... I think patience is definitely warranted at this point. Or... Yzerman trades 1 or a few of those guys as part of a package like he did Sebrango for DeBrincat.
  12. Still not thinking about the Leafs... At all. My focus right now is on putting distance between Detroit & Tampa & Philly. And to the "almosts" this year. To that end: Philly lost to the Rangers. Tampa won (but beat the Islanders, one of this year's "almosts".) The "almost" Capitols are currently tied, but the "almost" Devils won. So with today's Detroit win, we're 1 point ahead of Philly & Tampa, but have a game in hand on Philly and 2 on Tampa. And we're at least 6 points, or more, on the "almost" teams. At 57 games... I'm going to keep looking in the rearview mirror and try to add some more distance, at least for the next 10-12 games, before I look to see if we can pass someone else like the Leafs and/or the Hurricanes... But that's just me.
  13. I liken this to Reagan in '84. He was already showing strong signs of Alzheimer's and you could see Nancy and the RNC doing everything they could do to protect/ hide his condition. And he deteriorated even further over the next 4 years of his presidency. And I hated LOTS of his policies. Moral Majority? I'm an Atheist. Crap all over the environment? No. Trickle down economics that benefits the top 1% and ****s the middle class and lower? Pure garbage. But he was the president we needed, both in 1980 AND in 1984. Nothing else mattered. I look at Biden in exactly the same vein... He is no different in 2024 than in 2020... At least with respect to: He is the president we need. Doesn't matter if his age is showing. Doesn't matter if he is slipping some. Doesn't matter if the Dems should be looking at younger/ more invigorating presidential candidates. Doesn't matter if he is a Centrist, not a Progressive. Doesn't matter that he's pissed off the pro-Palestinian Progressives. Or any Progressive. (Funny thing being that he's passed more Progressive Legislature or Future-of-America Legislation than anyone since LBJ...). The only thing that matters is he's the guy we need in 2024. Which I think you've also already stated as such... come November: he's the only choice. Just my thoughts on the matter...
  14. 😄 Awesome post Lee!!! But... Seriously... He campaigned on it. He said it 1,000 times if he said it once: "I'm going to overturn Roe v Wade. I'm going to appoint Supremes who will overturn Roe v Wade." This was NOT a by-product of being pro-business. He targeted this specifically. And not to cater to MAGA or big business types... He campaigned on this specifically for the Evangelical vote. And he was going to keep his promise to them, which he did, by putting in Supremes to... wait for it: Specifically, overturn Roe v Wade. Evangelicals were very pleased with all his Supreme Justice selections and the result.
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