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  1. He was pressured to do so. That doesn't absolve him... but I place the burden on those who did the pressuring; and also on his moment of weakness. That moment was beyond costly. Similarly, Pence was under duress to overthrow our Democracy by Trump. Glad he didn't also have a moment of weakness.
  2. Not unless it's an overpay... Which I wouldn't discount...
  3. Leads me to believe we're picking a QB in 2023, not 2022. Defense-WR-defense-defense-defense-defense. Maybe a late-round flyer on another WR or TE... This makes me less optimistic about our current regime. Hopefully this is a one-off tied to getting a team reset with the Stafford trade. Except, weren't we offered a better draft-picks trade though? And Holmes & Co. chose the LAR package because of Goff?
  4. Looks like the RSS feeds stopped two days ago at the old site... Dying a slow death it seems...
  5. Just playing around here... I'm ranking starting QB's in the NFL, 26 and under... based only on production, not future potential (that also means it doesn't matter if you have an awesome team that helps get those numbers, or a crappy team that brings him down... just production only): 1. Patrick Mahomes 2. Lamar Jackson 3. Deshaun Watson 4. Justin Herbert 5. Josh Allen 6. Joe Burrow 7. Jalen Hurts 8. Trevor Lawrence (way too low here and I expect some big numbers in the future and a corresponding rise to/ near the top... but he doesn't have those big numbers... yet.) 9. Baker Mayfield 10. Daniel Jones 11. Tua Tagovailoa 12. Mac Jones (could rise with more experience?) 13. Kyle Allen 14. Sam Darnold 15. Drew Lock (honorable mention as he was a starter last year) 16. Zach Wilson (could rise with more experience?) 17. Trey Lance (could rise with more experience?) 18. Justin Fields (could rise with more experience?) 19. Dwayne Haskins (was a part-time starter for two years... is he washed out or does he get a second chance after Big Ben falters...?) So here's a question: Is there a 2022 QB Prospect that can rank into the top 8 or 9 young QB's in the NFL? With the guys above? Because I don't see that with Corral. He's more of a 10-16 young NFL QB-guy to me, in which I'm not interested. I'd rather wait until 2023. If Malik Willis fits into that top 8 or 9... I'm interested in using our 2022 1st rounder for him. Just a thought...
  6. I could go Braves - Red Sox World Series. Strategically... so the Astros free agents can be "motivated" to look for other teams to play for next year...
  7. Still young so hope there's a lot of improvement with him... But... I thought he was supposed to be a defensive defenseman and therefore... not be giving away the puck so damned much...?!
  8. I don't see minutes in the GR stats but I would assume that Veleno is probably playing the top minutes for all forwards and on all special teams, etc... I'm OK with that if that is what he needs... He can come play in Detroit to cover injuries or, after the trade deadline, a permanent spot on what...? The 3rd line? Oddball question(s): Should Rasmussen be dropped to 4th line Center? Is he a 3rd or 4th line Center? Or should he be pushed over to 3rd line Power Forward by Veleno? Is Vrana-Veleno-Rasmussen a 3rd line we'd like to see in the near future...?
  9. Lindstrom has 2 points in 2 games also so... probably not even close to sustainable for him but still a nice 2-game start...
  10. They and Ted Turner claimed the Braves as "America's team". I hate all teams that claim themselves as "America's team". Braves, Yankees, Cowboys... they can all GFT's because they ain't MY team. And I'm an American. And I like the Detroit Red Wings, the Detroit Tigers, the Detroit Lions, and the Detroit Pistons. 'Nuff said...
  11. Actually... I think the team stashes the losers of the 2022 Detroit Tigers Bench Wars in AAA, for emergency use. The contenders: Castrei Brothers, Niko, Paredes, Kreidler & Clemens. Possibly 2 winners. But definitely all the losers end up in Toledo. Or as a throw-in in a 2022 Trade Deadline trade. Or as a throw-in on a Spring Training trade. Or on Hinch's Persona Non Grata list, joining Jacoby, Mazara, Norris and others. Or... somewhere.
  12. The severe manufacturing job losses happened after China was allowed to enter the WTO. Estimated 3.7 million jobs of which 2.8 million were manufacturing. 12/11/2001. Bush. There was a lot of bleeding beforehand... starting in the mid 70's when OPEC started up and gas prices shot up. And... cheap, fuel-efficient Japanese cars that outsold American made cars. We were also losing these jobs because other automakers, specifically Japanese, were automated or automating whilst the Big 3 Unions successfully prevented the Big 3 from automating. And our Labor & Benefit costs continuously rose from the highest labor costs in the world to... the highest labor costs in the world. NAFTA did a lot of damage. But there are a lot of moving parts to this issue. It's not just one. And U.S. Labor has a part in this fiasco, they are NOT innocent.
  13. There are multiple avenues to this aside from just spending money. That includes draft & development, trades, taking less expensive flyers, etc... I don't think we disagree on the defense, pitching and quality depth position (I'm not disagreeing with anyone holding that position)... I think I am simply seeing things differently, or valuing what we have in AAA and AA differently, or using different methods or priorities trying to get to the same spot... Something. But on overall philosophy, no disagreement.
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