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  1. 19 runs scored in two days. 30+ runs given up in 2 days...meh
  2. Putin will redouble his efforts to get this genius back into power
  3. There are also people who are in it for the cash. I mean, money does make the world go around.
  4. I guess willfully ignorant isn't quite the same as stupid.
  5. No, there are stupid people too. I means what else would you call supporting Trump by other means?
  6. She, Cornell West, RFK JR and Donald Trump are all going to get help from the Russian services again.
  7. How is Doctor Jill Stein doing these days? Its hard to tell since I don't use Telegram or Vkontakte.
  8. Do not! and I mean DO ****ING NOT ever do a "lesser of two evils" with Biden and Trump. Trump is so broken and crooked and evil. He's Gollum without the redemption arc of destroying the Ring. Biden is merely an old man who makes gaffes. Biden will admit his failings and promise to do better. Trump will punish you for pointing them out.
  9. Yes, Leonard Leo drove that like the Bene Gesserit trying to bring about the Kwisatz Haderach
  10. it doesn't matter if the kleptocrats bring in theocracy so they can be richer, either way its tyranny.
  11. My biggest fear about this moment. Is that people will sweep this New Apostolic Reformation/Seven Mountains stuff under the carpet in time for November and these lunatics will be empowered after an albeit unlikely Trump or Haley win. These chuckleheads think they have our nuts in a vice and just need a little bit more power.
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