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  1. Tear down Wild and Wonderful and make it a parking lot
  2. This is a long thread but hits the mark on so many levels there is more, read the whole thing
  3. They all had their personalities, Skip Caray and Pete Van Wieren for the Braves. Harry Caray on the Cubs broadcast and Ralph Kiner with the Mets…
  4. If you were lucky there were three “Super Stations” available. Braves on WTBS, Mets on WOR and Cubs on WGN.
  5. The raising of donations seems has gotten out of hand since Citizens United (Thank you Mrs Clarence Thomas) One of two things need to happen. Either go to public financing of elections (no private donations) or tax the hell out of them. Tax the recipient at a 50 percent rate. And do away with Political Action Committees that these clowns hide behind.
  6. From the above article. I thought the GOP was supposed to be the fiscal responsible party. But then came the Big Spender Former Guy who hasn’t meet a bankruptcy he didn’t like
  7. How much $$$$$ did they grift for themselves?
  8. The issue I always had with DT Chicago was cab drivers and bicycle messengers when it came to crosswalks. They were always out to kill or maim you. Since I was basically doing a reverse commute, walking from Union Station to the State of Illinois building. Between the vehicles and trying trying to swim upstream against normal commuters….
  9. Between that and smoke field studios, cars, etc…throw in asbestos exposure from older homes..it’s a wonder we all don’t come down with ILD
  10. Probably one of the first rock songs I played in my radio career
  11. You got a point. I’ll just go back to yelling at deer in my yard
  12. I was referring to the Virginia Gubernatorial race…
  13. Probably not as bad as the early 1900s. But the oligarchs are taking over if the Trumpists have their way. We’ll owe our soul to the company stores Sorry just feeling very morbid today
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