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  1. I think Trump would have died of Covid if he didn't have the best medical care in the world. They can do amazing things with hearts today though. My dad lived until 99 and his heart was functioning less than 40% the last dozen years.
  2. Remember when Pete Buttigieg was going to be the next big thing?
  3. If there were no term limits for President I am pretty sure Obama would have beaten Trump. He'd probably still be President today and he'd probably be better at it with experience. So, I can see that argument.
  4. Judging from the responses, I gather that term limits are not good for Democrats. 😀 So, if that's the case, I am sorry I mentioned it! How about "term" limits for the Supreme court?
  5. I agree. Biden and Trump will both live into their 90s unless they get something unmanageable like some aggressive form of cancer. They could be in very poor health for a long period of time, but they will be kept alive.
  6. I once dropped a pop-up at a minor league game and I could hear the announcer in the near by booth mention it.
  7. Is he declining or was he unlucky last year? His hard hit% and exit velocity were still elite. Given his age, he may well be on the decline, but that might not be a safe assumption. https://baseballsavant.mlb.com/savant-player/matt-chapman-656305?stats=statcast-r-hitting-mlb
  8. One thing that might change things would be Congressional term limits. That way there would always be popular candidates still in their primes who wanted to go on to bigger things once their congressional days were over. I like term limits anyway, because I don't think political jobs should be forever.
  9. I know he would have won an open primary because they system would not have allowed a fair competition. However, if the model changed, I think it could work some time in the future after everyone was accustomed to it. It would take away the power from the parties though which is why it won't happen.
  10. Even though I disgree with what they are doing, it was a great post!
  11. I believe what you are saying is exactly what's happening politically. I don't like parties though and I don't like them making the decision for everyone. I just don't think discouraging choices is ever a good thing and I don't think what has happened in the past is a guarantee of future success. I do not think Biden is incompetent, but for some reason he is very unpopular. That tells me either people have soured on him or the only reason he won in 2020 is because Trump is so horrible. I hope it's the latter, but I fear it may be some combination of the two. I fear there are a lot of people who are disappointed in the direction of our country in general and they are going blame whomever is currently on the top. Some will forget how how horrible Trump was and just not vote.
  12. It seems like politics has changed an awful lot in recent years though. The lack of choices could change and it should change. I mean isn't an open primary what Democracy is about? Maybe like you said before things would get more interesting with ranked voting.
  13. It only weakens Biden if the primary protest voters sit out the general. I will definitely be voting for Biden in November. I voted for Sanders in the primary in 2016 and Clinton in the general. Neither vote was a mistake.
  14. Yes, Biden is the only choice in November.
  15. That's because the media needs him to win.
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