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  1. G4: Tork 2/3, BB EDLR: BB Flores: 2 IP, R, H, 4 BBs, 2 Ks Hess: .1 IP, 1 H
  2. Canha saw the 2nd most pitches per at bat; Grossman was 6th; so those 2 guys would really work the pitch count up
  3. I do not think DeJong would beat 2/$17M as a free agent, but that is what he is owed. so the player cost would be nominal (maybe more than Bryan Garcia but much more than Drew Carlton) Paul DeJong ss 6 years/$26M (2018-23), plus 2024-25 options 6 years/$26M (2018-23), plus 2024-25 club options signed extension with St. Louis 3/5/18 $1M signing bonus 18:$1M, 19:$1.5M, 20:$1.5M, 21:$4M, 22:$6M, 23:$9M, 24:$12.5M club option ($2M buyout), 25:$15M club option ($1M buyout) at signing, largest-ever contract for a player with less than one year of Major League service time
  4. different approach, but this is makes a lot of sense as well. seriously, do we know who is in charge of trades now? is it still Al, because I still have little confidence in his trading abilities
  5. AFL G2 yesterday: Tork 1/3 2BB; Kriedler (@2B) 0/3 BB; Fernander 1 IP, K
  6. Greene and Robson did their Baddoo-Hill routine; yikes!
  7. Gruden has got to be the most overrated coach in the history of the NFL. I cannot believe anybody fell for his BS intensity act. Not defending him at all, but it unclear to me who is leaking these emails and why. They came from the WFC investigation, and so far the only person to get in trouble is .. the guy who sent horrific emails to NFL management bros while working at ESPN?
  8. Yankees and Red Sox both tried to use Apple watches on an organizational level to steal signs before they were found out and fined. Both also used video rooms to steal signs before and after 2018. The Astros were really good before, during and after cheating. They also cheated really well.
  9. TLR pissed about HBP, also Bregman did not ask permission to swing 3-0! Take a cab home Tony.
  10. hard no on Boyd, Joe and Niko. Krol, Hutchinson and one of Greiner or Garneau may lose 40 man spot regardless of $
  11. https://www.mlb.com/arizona-fall-league scores and stats here all the usual rankers will stop by for a few days and tweet what they see
  12. Semien is the #1 guy they should target. They can offer 5/125 and SS to him, and maybe that's important to him. In 2019 and 2021, he player literally every game and put up 2 MVP caliber seasons. He is a bad man in the good way.
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