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  1. Good question. That’s why I’d have been fine with a shorter term higher per season deal. Heck, give him the chance to opt out after one season if he wanted it.
  2. The player name font on the spring training jerseys is noticeably smaller for the Tigers, which is disappointing. I know this has been mentioned in general, but wasn’t sure if the Tigers escaped this or not. Guess not. Although maybe with enough vitriol, the regular season clothes can be salvaged. The old English D on the chest appears to be larger, but I could be wrong there. The hats just suck out loud.
  3. Faedo lost some intimidation with the new haircut.
  4. I don’t what the stats would say, but he seems to be playing much better lately.
  5. I’m excited to see Malloy, Bigbie and Leonard.
  6. If I remember the story correctly, some of the Pilot/Brewer equipment trucks were stationed somewhere outside of the spring training site (maybe they left Arizona and went to Albuquerque?) not knowing if they were headed to Seattle or Milwaukee. The four years is purely asinine. How is it going to taking four years? It’s Vegas. They can’t tear down a resort and put up a new one in two years? Is this their first demolition to construction project?
  7. Sure, you can easily change his name in OOTP to something else. Numerous versions ago, IF Reid Brignac was an absolute monster. It never panned out in reality. If I were him, I’d never show my grandkids my baseball card. I’d show them that version of OOTP.
  8. Well I hope he has a hat for when he walks out of the shade.
  9. Sounds like the strike zone got shrunk in the dryer with the new pants.
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