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  1. He could try but he never would. It will be interesting to see what he does if Trump cheats to win and there's obvious evidence. Going to SCOTUS is out because we know how they would rule. Maybe pack the court without nomination hearings? Whatever it takes to send Trump where he belongs...prison.
  2. I have a friend who's been a therapist at the VA for years. He says the Republicans shut down many of the hospitals for the mentally ill, forcing them onto the streets and prisons. Yeah, the pro-life party. SMH
  3. This is the lesson I learned in 2016. Hillary was up by double digits in the polls so I figured....my 3rd party vote didn't matter. It turns out, it mattered. Bigly. I'll never assume my guy (or woman) is going to win without my vote. Every vote matters in today's political climate. Trump needs to be defeated by SO many votes that there's no question about it. We can't leave it up to his SCOTUS to decide.
  4. Typical Twitter misinformation. The hand wringing is wrong. After reading about it, if Joe Biden resigns and Harris becomes POTUS, she nominates somebody as VP. Mike Johnson doesn't automatically become VP.
  5. You meant 2016. And the elector votes are exactly what MAGA conspired to cheat on in 2020. They sent illegitimate electors paperwork to Pence, hoping to steal the election. The projection of Trump, when he claims the democrats won a "stollen" election, he was admitting he was trying to steal the 2020 election. The guy really is a simpleton.
  6. I saw a post saying the reason MAGA wants Biden out before the election is so Harris would become president and the Speaker of the House would become the VP. MAGA Mike Johnson, who would then not certify the election when Harris wins. If this is true, stay healthy, Joe.
  7. I would say they're peaking too soon but after their first half, they need to peak now thru late September to make it interesting. Very interesting.
  8. Next 3 games are going to be....challenging. After facing Skubal, other pitchers are gonna look like batting practice
  9. Ugh...municipal stadium. Where dreams go to die....the mistake on the lake.
  10. It's less than a 2 hour ride. Use his ML from today and take an Uber...😁
  11. So, how big of a Cleveland fan is your wife? Big enough to have you sleeping on the couch for cheering on the Tigs? 😆😆
  12. Twitter says it's just a training camp body but IDK. He's a veteran that played for Buffalo for several years...OL depth?
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