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  1. We have 25 games to catch Toronto. It's possible...
  2. The 2nd period was almost over and I was hoping to maintain the 4-1 lead. But yeah, pour it on!! 6-1 Wings!
  3. Play .500 against the East and we'll win the division.
  4. First win against Colorado since 2017? That's crazy...
  5. Hockey can be the most exciting sport sometimes.
  6. Yeah, I want extended success. Most teams can't buy success, you need to develop it. Playing .500 ball shouldn't be the goal. The Tigers had a very good record within our division. It was our record against the East that cost us the division.
  7. So the Tigers just decided to bank the money that came off the books when Cabrera retired? I remember posters on MTS talking about all the quality players we would be able to afford with that money. I figured they would just save it. But yeah, I can see the point, there wasn't any good players to spend $30 million a year on. <ducks>
  8. Mcvay goes down IMO because of his conservative playoff game play calling. 3 times in the red zone he kicked a FG. Even one TD would have won the game for him and with Stafford at QB, he should have gone for at least 2 of them.
  9. After losing developing years because of Covid, many younger players are....older? If that makes sense?
  10. It was supposed to be on ESPN. But they're showing the 3rd period of the Toronto game. No fair!!
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