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  1. But is Holmes the one who drafted Goff 1-1? That would scare me a bit.
  2. Cam and Golden Tate? Lead us into the playoffs? 😀😀 Can you imagine if this coaching had talent to work with? It might be fun.
  3. Yeah, you're correct. She took over in June of 2020. Too late to replace Patricia, even though she fired him before the season concluded.
  4. Yeah, in 2020. In 2021, she was in charge for the draft and free agency. So this is her 2nd season of being in charge.
  5. Shelia let Quinn and Patricia lead the team last season. After 2020-2021, she replaced them.
  6. She tool over in June of 2020. https://www.freep.com/story/sports/nfl/lions/2020/06/23/sheila-ford-hamp-detroit-lions-owner/3234223001/
  7. I thought she came in and hired Holmes before the draft? I know he set up the Stafford trade.
  8. Has there been a Lions head coach that went on to be a head coach for another NFL team? If not, that's amazing by itself. I used to got looked at with pity for being a Lions fan, now people just ask "Why?" 😅😅
  9. I'm of the opinion that the Lions are the worse run franchise in all 4 of the big American sports.
  10. That's true but I would rather lose being aggressive than to sit back and lose. I've always hated the "prevent" defense. The only thing it prevents is winning. Different philosophy, I guess.
  11. Within 3 years, the Lions are going to have a massive offensive line, leading to big pass plays and huge holes for our running backs. We're also going to have a stifling defense that attacks the ball. As well as an experienced and competent coaching staff. We'll be great for several years. I can't wait.
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