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  1. I remember one he had when he was the Rangers' guy, and the Tigers had Fu Te Ni. "The knights who say Fu Te Ni"
  2. There's multiple accusers, and one still pending. My understanding from my glance through things yesterday is that the Bauer camp has tried to keep MLB's investigation under wraps. I do suspect whatever MLB uncovered was damning enough to make the severe suspension hold and scare all 30 teams away from him. I also suspect Dan has seen what is in that report, or has been made aware by people in the know what was in it. Meanwhile, we are left wading through muddy waters from partial media, making it tough to find anything close to the truth. Asking the fan to read up when the exact information Dan put out there really isn't out in the public isn't exactly fair, but the way the caller kept going toward the end, you could tell he only ate up the Bauer camp's story using terms like "blackballed." It's tough to separate fact from spin these days, very tough.
  3. Kirk Gibson was the manager in Arizona when Bauer was run off. He is probably somebody Dan talks to a bunch, and does have a special assistant title. He probably knows some of his issues. I really did just post because it was interesting to hear Dickerson, who usually isn't a hot take artist, come down hard on the issue. In my quick googling, it looked to me like the judge denied a few of Bauer's requests, and the suits by both parties were dropped. There has been a lot of gaslighting from Bauer and his camp that has permeated certain corners of the internet, though. I also don't approve of Dan's use of mentally ill as a pejorative I got a kick out of the suggestion from a baseball standpoint, suggesting to go spend money on a starter when you are already looking at demoting one of Mize or Manning to start the year.
  4. Jason had a lot of zingers last night. After Hummel was citing points per possession, one of Purdue's guys made a three. "That was three points per possession."
  5. I've got the "bench+3B" as Kelly, Vierling, McKinstry, Ibanez, Urshela. Some of the RHB will spell Meadows, Keith, Carpenter, Greene. One man's MLB/AAA position players. I just bumped Jung down to Erie, but do think he's in Toledo eventually. I suspect Hopkins is the 40 man move.
  6. Fan: Is there a chance they can add somebody like Trevor Bauer? Dan: (interrupting) No on Trevor Bauer. I hope he never gets a chance to play in this league again. Maybe you have another idea, but not Trevor Bauer. Fan: Didn't he get found not guilty? Dan: No, he found a judge who gave him an unbelievably favorable ruling that defied all logic and law. Fan: I thought there was audio tap... Dan: (interrupting) He has serious mental health issues and does not belong in Major League Baseball. Find somebody else because it's not going to be Trevor Bauer. Fan: So he's going to be blackballed. No, I don't have anybody else, he was the guy. I think the guy was framed. Dan: You need to read up on it more. Fan: Wasn't the girl admitting she was scamming Trevor Bauer? Dan: No Caputo: Your basing it on... Bauer on social media thing... He's got an agent who's a very smart person. They've been putting spin on it.. (further rambling backing Dan and smoothing the edges) Dan: Nobody should sign this guy. He basically admitted in court what he did. He found a judge who said because she didn't specifically say she was unconscious that he couldn't do what he did because she didn't say that which is found nowhere in law. That's why he did not face the consequences he should have. That's the guy they want back in the league?
  7. Does anybody listen to Tiger Talk? It comes on my podcast feed every now and then... Dan Dickerson napalmed Trevor Bauer this week. I've never heard him go so negative about anybody.
  8. I'd back your stuff up and restore your machine. The longer the malware is there, the more info it is collecting.
  9. My Apple workaround is simply to just subscribe during baseball season so I can watch their Friday games and catch up on shows.
  10. THIS THIS THIS. My biggest gripe with him is when he was one of the owner holdouts that extended the lockout. You take baseball away from me, and it's personal.
  11. I encourage you to read recent studies by Glenn Fleisig on this topic. He'd be better suited NOT to max out and risk the weak link of his kinetic chain snapping and putting future contracts on the line.
  12. Regarding those CBT numbers a couple days ago, I got some confirmation from somebody in the know that one of my assumptions about outrighted players was correct.
  13. I view this as a Tommy John red flag more than anything else. Maxing out in BP when you already have a precursor to serious elbow problems in recent history.
  14. I made my best attempt to calculate every player's CBT Number from last year for the Tigers. Player CBT Total Miguel Cabrera $29,200,000.00 Javier Baez $23,333,333.33 Eduardo Rodriguez $15,400,000.00 Matthew Boyd $10,000,000.00 Jonathan Schoop $7,500,000.00 Michael Lorenzen $6,019,032.26 Austin Meadows $4,300,000.00 Jose Cisnero $2,287,500.00 Tyler Alexander $1,875,000.00 Spencer Turnbull $1,825,000.00 Chasen Shreve $1,270,122.58 Rony Garcia $830,000.00 Trey Wingenter $798,387.10 Tarik Skubal $743,700.00 Zach McKinstry $734,500.00 Casey Mize $734,200.00 Matt Manning $729,200.00 Riley Greene $727,800.00 Matt Vierling $727,100.00 Jason Foley $726,200.00 Alex Lange $726,000.00 Jake Rogers $726,000.00 Beau Brieske $724,400.00 Kerry Carpenter $723,700.00 Spencer Torkelson $723,100.00 Mason Englert $720,000.00 Freddy Pacheco $720,000.00 Akil Baddoo $706,441.77 Will Vest $680,000.00 Tyler Holton $668,163.44 Andy Ibanez $636,635.48 Zack Short $622,806.45 Eric Haase $572,980.65 Nick Maton $566,243.23 Joey Wentz $550,794.09 Alex Faedo $502,388.99 Reese Olson $492,490.32 Brendan White $466,304.30 Tyler Nevin $425,769.89 Garrett Hill $272,316.13 Zach Logue $241,500.00 Andrew Vasquez $225,607.53 Andre Lipcius $217,833.33 Parker Meadows $208,103.23 Ryan Kreidler $169,374.19 Carson Kelly $166,451.61 Jake Marisnick $166,451.61 Nick Solak $120,761.98 Miguel Diaz $120,000.00 Angel De Jesus $117,400.00 Mario Feliciano $117,400.00 Donny Sands $117,400.00 Braden Bristo $106,921.51 Sawyer Gipson-Long $85,161.29 Blair Calvo $66,274.19 Wenceel Perez $58,800.00 Brenan Hanifee $46,451.61 Eddys Leonard $38,502.15 Isan Diaz $29,453.76 Anthony Misiewicz $28,392.92 Seth Elledge $23,353.76 Bennett Sousa $4,454.97 Edwin Uceta $2,047.03 Player Benefits $16,500,000.00 Pre-Arb Pool $1,666,666.67 Total $142,632,373.36
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