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  1. I feel like when push comes to shove, if there is an actual tangible referendum on this issue, it helps Biden.
  2. Wasserman has seen enough to declare Russi.
  3. That district includes East Palastine. I'm wondering how much resentment toward any GOP laissez faire policies on regulating the environment and transportation may be playing a role there. It's also not just southeast OH. You have Youngstown in there, I believe. Pretty much the eastern strip of the state south of Cleveland/Akron.
  4. And the left so lenient. Politics is so weird and tribal.
  5. 538's first post-Nate Silver model has Biden 53%, buoyed mostly by fundamentals.
  6. A couple years ago, I went through and culled my Twitter to hopefully reduce the amount of outrage that shows up in my feed (and therefore the amount of outrage from my account). It seems to be working now. Quick to mute topics that may lead to craziness (e.g. "Pride" this month).
  7. Allan MacDonald is honestly one of my professional heroes.
  8. Shame you made that comment looking like a bucket of ****
  9. The amount of people that got this Halloween costume I spent double digit hours on putting together a couple years ago...
  10. I'm starting to think gag orders and sitting in court for hours on end may have helped him.
  11. 2 factor authentication. External authenticator app.
  12. Stand up to Cancer and adjacent charities that divert resources in the name of awareness for a disease everybody is aware of.
  13. What difference does it make if, on June 8, 2024, McGonigle is in low A or high A? They probably have things they are working on with him; he got a late start to the year. Wait til all the boxes are checked and make the move when they are so you don't have to send him back and hamper his development. He's a year out of high school. You don't rush his development because Javy Baez can't hit my weight. It's not like McGonigle is banging down the door with a 1.500 OPS or anything like that.
  14. If Arenado is struggling at his age, there's a decent chance this could be a sign of what the rest of that contract looks like. I'd rather not find out what that's like on the back end...
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