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  1. He also had lymphoma, which means vaccines may not work that well.
  2. Best thing to do is report that tweet and anybody who amplifies it. Let twitter take it down and apply any strikes it needs to he and Gaetz et. al. The quote tweeters are just giving it fuel.
  3. Thickness of a blend. You get the maximum and miss the valley.
  4. He recently said on his podcast those are two guys from his astros days he is still good friends with and talks to regularly.
  5. What rule in the rulebook says that is not a swing?
  6. Basically... if you take a screenshot of a swing, the odds of it getting the furthest point of the swing are infimitsemial and you are likely seeing something on the way to or on the way. If you are measuring the flange of an aircraft bulkhead that has a blend in it, taking calipers to measure it will take the maximum thickness and miss the blend.
  7. Ah... the aerospace structures repair engineer in me came through. Tough for me to explain via words.
  8. No photo is going to be conclusive. It is a snapshot and given the mechanics of a check swing is likely to be before or after the time the swing changed directions. Kinda like measuring thickness with calipers.
  9. By the way, the answer to my question earlier... here's a sample of some roster moves for free agents this past february: 2/16: Pirates signed Tyler Anderson. Placed Jose Soriano on the 60-day IL 2/16: Marlins signed Adam Duvall. Placed Jeff Brigham on the 60-day IL 2/16: Giants signed Jake McGee. Placed John Brebbia on the 60-day IL 2/16: Rays signed Rich Hill. Placed Colin Poche on the 60-day IL 2/17: Padres signed Mark Melancon. Placed Trey Wingenter on the 60-day IL 2/17: Mariners signed James Paxton. Placed Andres Munoz on the 60-day IL 2/17: Padres signed Keone Kela. Placed Mike Clevinger on the 60-day IL 2/18: Dodgers signed Justin Turner. Placed Caleb Ferguson on the 60-day IL 2/19: Mets signed Taijuan Walker. Placed Noah Syndergaard on the 60-day IL 2/22: Yankees signed Brett Gardner. Placed Luis Severino on the 60-day IL 2/22: Rays signed Chaz Roe. Placed Yonny Chirinos on the 60-day IL. 2/22: Rays signed Collin McHugh. Placed Oliver Drake on the 60-day IL. ..... When spring training starts, teams can stash players on the 60-day IL. They have extra roster space. In this era of extending the roster and shuttling players back and forth, teams are maximizing their 40 man roster. Back-end borderline 40 man roster guys don't really have much offseason value when 40-man roster spots are so precious that teams wait until February to make their free agent moves. That is why if the Tigers trade for somebody like DeJong, it will likely be a reliever or two a ways off.
  10. The thing Duvall and Canha have that I like is that they are right-handed. It makes it easier to mix and match with Baddoo and Greene if it comes to that.
  11. Question for those of you throwing out Goodrum, Harold, Willi, or Carlton out there as trade bait... There is something that happens in mid February that opens up the free agency floodgates. Do you know what it is? My hint: look at transaction logs around that time the last few years. Once you see what that is, you will see why those guys likely have next to no if not negative trade value right now
  12. DeJong would cost a low A reliever at most. His contract and status make his trade value minimal. None of the Goodrum/Castro/Castro triumvirate has trade value. Goodrum is a likely non-tender. Harold has none. Willi may have some, but you don't sell low on him until you have to.
  13. Not a terrible idea, depending on if they can diagnose his downturn this year and see if he is a rebound candidate. Seems like a buy low guy, under contract for a couple years, and on the outs. It may be a situation where he doesn't cost much too acquire either.
  14. Why is "past the plate" a demarcation of a swing? Does this mean a check swing is dependent upon how far up in the box a batter is?
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