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  1. I'm Hungarian-American on my dad's side of the family, so if Trump comes out with a line of stuffed peppers, chicken paprikash, and kolaches then I'm sold. I'll even switch my avatar to MAGA.
  2. The Ilitches are corporate welfare queens, crooks, and gangsters, who have ripped off taxpayers in the poorest big city in America time and again. They have suckled off the tit of the public dole for years. No one in Detroit or Southeast Michigan collects welfare quite like the Ilitch Family. They are Tony Jack Giacalone with a legit pizza business and entertainment company as their front.
  3. You can't negotiate with fascistic terrorists like this member of the Likud party and Israeli government . . .
  4. A decent, honorable leader of Jewish Trump's fascistic Likud Party proud of the death and destruction Isreal has caused. Our most cherished ally in the world. The country we have a special relationship with.
  5. I try to avoid hero worship and giving someone deity like status. But man do I miss this guy and what an intellect he was. There was no one quite like Christopher Hitchens. His sharp whit and use of the English language were like no one else I've heard before. His poignant views on religion and sharp critiques of it were unlike anyone else's. Maybe that means I just need to listen to and ready from more people than just Hitchens. But I've found myself thinking about him and watching his commentary a lot this past week.
  6. A lot of people on the left had/have great concern over what's still happening in Yemen. As well, when George WMD. Bush wasn't stepping up to stop genocide in Darfur in Sudan it was many on the left who were most critical. When DubyaMD beat the war drum to go to Iraq it was the left who was protesting that foreign conflict while the center of the party, like Hillary Clinton, were being craven and acquiescing to the warmongers in DubyaMDs administration. When the left and libertarians were out in the streets protesting the Iraq War others were talking about weapons of mass destruction, yellow cake uranium from Niger, mushroom clouds over NYC, Sadaams ties to Al-Qaeda, etc. Many in the center were spinning the same lies and promoting the same fabricated intelligence reports that DubyaMD was pushing.
  7. I don't think he does either. He's not enough of a high motor, try hard guy and takes too many plays off for this regime to take a chance on him.
  8. Now the question at Safety is about whether or not CJGJ comes back.
  9. Looks like Tracy Walker is gone based on this post.
  10. Tragically, you're going to see a lot more of this in the coming decades as MAGA rejects vaccines altogether, not just the covid vax.
  11. Several of the leagues best teams go out and make splash signings in free agency with long term deals and big cap numbers now and then. Last offseason the defending Super Bowl champion Chiefs went out and signed LT Jawaan Taylor on a four-year, $80 million deal. The runner up in the Super Bowl signed DT Javon Hargrave to a four year, $81 million contract. I'm not saying we need to ante up for Brian Burns or Josh Allen. Guy like Danielle Hunter or Kendall Fuller are players I feel should be in our range, but likely won't be. I think Holmes is going to do just what he did last offseason and be patient and not go after the top free agents on the market. Had CJGJ and Mosely not gotten injured I suspect his plan would have fully paid off, so I'm not mad if that's what Holmes decides to do. So we will be signing guys after the initial rush of free agency is over and likely won't be any of the high dollar, A-tier free agents. So I think we are looking at the likes of Adoree Jackson, Andrew Van Ginkel, Chidobe Awuize, Denico Autry, Dorance Armstrong, Grover Stewart, Maurice Hurst, Steven Nelson, Stephon Gilmore being on our radar instead of the Fullers and Hunters of the league. I could be totally wrong though, so who knows.
  12. I'm sure I'll get dumped on for this, but depending on the price and length of contract, I'd still be willing to take a flyer on him. Though I know the Lions will not. He's only 24 and with the right scheme fit and coaching staff in place he could potentially be a rotational pass rusher coming in on obvious passing situations. He doesn't fit their mold as a try hard guy who bleeds football, nor a 3-down guy. Being a situational pass rusher at this point I don't think they would want him for that either as they have James Houston on the roster to cover as needed and could get someone in the draft to do the same.
  13. I'd love to get Danielle Hunter as I said a few pages back. He'd be my top target. Kendall Fuller is probably number 2 on my list. I don't think we are going after either player, nor any of the A-tier free agents that would require north of $12-$13 million per at 4+ years to sign. I feel like we'll be waiting until day 2 or day 3 of free agency to make our big moves. I want Stephon Gilmore too, but given his age and the point he's at in his career I don't think he is in that A-tier of current free agents. I do think there is a good chance we get a rental like Gilmore on a 1 year deal.
  14. Ben Johnson is good, but he's no Joe Lombardi though . . .
  15. Well he cost less than Jason Robertson would have. This isn't unreasonable money though for what he provides the team.
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