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  1. If we are waiting until 2023 to draft than Bryce Young from Bama and Anthony Richardson from Florida (at this point) likely become options in addition to Stroud. If we passed on a QB this year I wouldn't have a problem because we still won't be good enough to win anything of note next year.
  2. Malik Willis had a poor performance this past weekends throwing 3 picks, but I'm not writing him off yet after one game. He and Matt Corral are still on my list of guys I like.
  3. He had to trade for Goff the second time in order to make the salary work for the Rams. I would think Holmes, Dorsey, and Agnew can look at Goff and see he isn't the guy long-term. Holmes may have really loved Goff at one time or maybe it was Les Snead. But John Dorsey has no connection to Goff at all and thus I would assume, little to no loyalty to the guy. If Dorsey is a strong voice in the room, I can't imagine given that he's drafted QB replacements before, he would be all in for Goff.
  4. The facts back me up on the devastation NAFTA produced with manufacturing and industrial job losses. Also, Trump never once proposed a VAT tax and was all over the map on tariffs. Outsourcing exists because a favorable business, regulatory, and tax climate allow it to exist.
  5. American businesses or businesses in any country do what governments allow them to do. If the government sets up systems in place to allow them to offshore their workforce or dodge paying taxes, they will tax advantage of that system. In the United States we have setup a very business-friendly system with one-way trade agreements, limited tariffs, deregulatory policies sweeping across industries, low corporate taxes, and no VAT. So in the 1990s Clinton's economic ideas were to embrace deregulation, globalism, and the idea that opening up China would make it a more democratic and free society, when it should have been the opposite. First, the premise has to be established and accepted that you cannot, unless doing so in the form of aid/assistance, trade with third world economies or you will lose your blue collar base and ultimately begin to shrink the middle class of your country. Yes, technology has played a bigger role than globalization and trade on manufacturing job loss, I get that. But there is no reason that the remaining manufacturing sector that does exist should be impacted by globalization and one-way trade deals like NAFTA, CAFTA, GATT, and PNTR. Clinton should have rejected signing NAFTA and rejected giving China normalized trade-relation status. Instead, he should have pushed for more restrictions on imports with targeted tariffs and a VAT tax. If you want to manufacture something in China, India, Vietnam, or elsewhere that's fine, but you're getting slapped with a VAT tax equal to the price you believe it would cost you to make in the US, having to pay an American worker. Clinton should have made it unfavorable for goods to be manufactured and assembled overseas/in Mexico and then brought back to the US for sale. Those actions should have been coupled with an FDR-style American Works Program that included worker retraining for displaced manufacturing employees and educational assistance for those looking to go into higher ed or another skilled trade. The one thing Clinton did wisely do was raise the corporate tax rate, but he didn't raise it high enough and never had the proper enforcement mechanisms in place. He didn't end the tax loopholes corporations enjoy, nor did he higher enough auditors at the IRS to enforce the existing tax code. If you want to stop outsourcing of jobs overseas then stop it. There needs to be the risk of financial loss and threat in place and enforced by the government as a mechanism to stop or curtail outsourcing of production. Take GM for example in the 1980s and Michael Moore's famous documentary Roger & Me. If Roger Smith faced the prospect of having a 20% tariff or VAT slapped on every car he sent from Flint now down to Mexico to be manufactured, the businesses model of GM likely wouldn't have changed the way it did.
  6. I'm glad you brought up the key person in all of this, Bill Clinton. Lots of people like to pontificate why we ended up in the mess we did, how we ended up with Trump, etc. Bill Clinton and his Republican-lite and his anti-poor, race-baiting politics of the 1990s are really to blame for a big portion of this. For everyone that wants to blame the left for not having a bigger majority or losing seats in the house, these structural problems started long before AOC or Rashida Tlaib or Bernie Sanders came on the scene. Policies and initiatives that Bubba supported like NAFTA, supporting GATT as apart of the WTO, normalized trade relations with China, Gramm-Leach-Bliley, repealing Glass-Steegal, welfare reform moving from AFDC to TANF, Commodity Futures Modernization Act, Riegel-Neal Interstate Banking Act, Telecommunications Act of 1996, 1994 Crime Bill, 3 strikes laws, all helped to give rise to the political climate we were in. Each had a devastating effect in a different way. One-way trade agreements like NAFTA and other trade-related initiatives like GATT standards being absorbed into the WTO, PNTR with China gutted blue collar communities that depended on manufacturing jobs to support their middle class base. With it, the power of unions to collectively bargain and organize further eroded as its membership numbers dwindled. Deregulating Wall Street and speculative trading by repealing Glass-Steegal and enacting Gramm-Leach-Bliley and the CFMA led to the wild-west style lending and trading practices that we saw in a post-90's world. The out of control derivatives market, the speculative trading, credit default swaps, CDO's, synthetic CDO's, naked short selling, etc. all gave rise to the 2008 financial collapse and really picked up steam after the Clinton-era deregulation. Right wing talk radio exploded after the Telecommunications Act of 1996 was passed. All the while, the social safety net that had been there for decades through FDR's Aid For Families With Dependent Children to protect working-class people and the very poor were gutted in the name of "work to welfare". With it, the social safety net was taken away and the extreme rate of poverty doubled in this country, leaving people helpless, jobless, and now permanently trapped in extreme poverty. And to top it all off, Clinton-era criminal justice policies were predicated on incarceration and not rehabilitation. Instead of second chances at life people were given mandatory minimum sentences and 3 strikes. The prison population continued to explode and black and brown communities were disproportionately effected. And long before Donald Trump was out there race baiting from the White House, Clinton himself was doing it by literally using state-sanctioned murder and having his Sista Soulja moments. Clinton allowed the State of Arkansas to execute a self lobotomized black man, Ricky-Ray Rector, all so he could appear tough on crime to white people during a campaign. Then he picked a fight with Sista Soulja to again show white people what a tough guy he was. And yet, through all of this, you have people like Josh Gottheimer, Kyrsten Sinema, and Joe Manchin holding up the Biden agenda and pining for this era of the Democratic Party and its third way politics. It isn't Bernie, AOC, Rashida, Primila Jayapal, and the progressive holding up the Biden agenda. Rather, they have been some of the most stalwart supporters of the President's agenda, most especially Sanders in his role as Budget Committee Chairman. The center-right of this party has hijacked it and stalled all progress. Moderates and center-right Democrats have a stranglehold on the Democratic party and they are going to cost us the election in 2022 by not allowing Democrats to have an agenda to run on.
  7. Top State adviser leaves post, rips Biden’s use of Trump-era Title 42 Come on Biden Administration, do better. If we are supposed to be better than the last guy than the use Title 42 has to be stopped.
  8. It's a pretty out there movie. I liked it but many would not. If you like slow burn, psychological type movies you will like this. After having watched it, I don't think this classifies as horror though persay.
  9. If Burrow is out then yes, it could be a win. The Bengals have a good offense though with Burrow/Mixon/Chase/Boyd/Higgins and we have a bad defense with all 11 players we field. If Burrow is starting and healthy for the game I expect this to be a loss.
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