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  1. I'm old enough to remember when 19 year olds could play back to back games.
  2. Now we have to pretend he is an actual NBA player? I think his original statement was more accurate.
  3. Thought Holland looked bad. But Sasser was worse. A 4 year college player with 1 year NBA experience should dominate the summer league if you are half a player.
  4. I think I'm changing my mind on the Brunson extension. He didn't give New York a discount. He signed the maximum extension available to him right now. He chose security over a larger dollar amount later on. But waiting a year comes with the risk of being injured and possibly not having that contract available to him. As far as the union having an issue with it. They can STFU unless they were willing to give him $150M if he sustained an injury.
  5. There are rumors that Brunson is about to sign a 4/$158M extension. He would be eligible for a 5/$278M deal if he hit free agency next summer. That is a huge discount if true.
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