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  1. Last two minute report from the league explanation on the no travel call. They said correct non-call.
  2. Two games since the ASG Cade has played a total of 61 minutes and has scored 56 points. He has attempted 0 free throws in that time.
  3. Take advantage of your local library. Reading is obviously the #1 reason but they offer so much more. Our pretty small and not well off city has an amazing library. They have a 3D printer, vinyl cutter, T-Shirt press, small recording studio, laser engraver, film scanner for old home movies and negatives. A decent amount of computers, printers, fax machine, etc. They also offer a few meeting rooms you can book. And they have subscriptions to some expensive services you might not want to pay for. I use one for demographics to research different markets when we open a new location. They have classes on genealogy. They also allow you to stream movies and music. I'm sure they are not great but the price is right. Tons of great stuff that you don't really think about being at the library.
  4. Something is really wrong with Ivey. 3-14 tonight and he just looks so bad when shooting. Every single shot has him kicking his legs out, off balance, terrible form. He drove and pulled up for what should have been an easy 1 hand push shot. He went up and his left hand shot straight out sideways and both legs looked like he was doing jumping jacks and he missed the shot. He needs to get under control and improve that form.
  5. Total BS call on Cade and no clue why the Pistons didn't challenge it. Banchero missed both FT's anyway. Down 2 with the ball and 17 seconds left.
  6. Duren plays good defense and Cade rewards him on the break and is now shooting two FT's.
  7. Thompson does so many likeable things. Really pulling for that kid to get a jumper.
  8. That was actually a well designed after timeout play. What is going on here?
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