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  1. Facebook is your neighbor looking out the kitchen window and taking notes about what you're doing. LinkedIn is your a-hole neighbor who borrows tools and beats you up when you ask for them to be returned.
  2. We went to see No Time to Die yesterday and it was very entertaining. It didn't feel like almost three hours as it moved at a steady pace. Its a pretty typical Bond movie.....car chases, gadgets and shoot outs. I found two characters very hard to understand so I was hoping for subtitles but I was able to get the gist of what they were saying. For those who have seen it: it definitely went out with a bang.
  3. I don’t remember much about it. I remember the cheesy “swing away” or whatever but it’s mostly faded from memory.
  4. Its an absolutely fantastic show. Bateman is fantastic in it.
  5. I'm not going to admit that I have a clown horn on my bike and I use it the second time around on the middle-aged-and-annoyed women the second time I pass them.
  6. Such a funny movie. Heck, the entire "series" is such a great running gag.
  7. We have a trail around a lake near our house and I use it often. I get many dirty looks and scowls from aimless walkers (usually middle-aged women) who suddenly have to move when I say "on your left". Sorry to have ruined your endless gabbing and middle-of-the-trail meandering, lady.
  8. I would work on strumming technique before I would concern myself with bpm. Learn how to strum, double pick, down pick, up pick and once you have the technique down, turn on the metronome. YMMV
  9. Can you play those chords and create your own strumming pattern?
  10. Actually, funny you'd say that, I do have anecdotal experience. A coworker shared a story of a friend of his who tried to euthanize his dog by leaving it in a running car located in a closed garage. The car didn't produce enough carbon monoxide and he went out later and found the dog sitting there wagging his tail. The cheap SOB had to spend the money at the vet after all.
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