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  1. Over my first cup of coffee this morning I want to say I think you’re on to something here, seriously. I agree with your point. One area that jumps out at me here is that the league apparently doesn’t really have, or should I say enforce, any uniform guidelines. It appears as though the individual wearing the uniform can wear it however he sees fit. I believe a lot of this is driven with the intent to let Latin American players express themselves in a way US born players may not have done in the past. But, the word “uniform” does still have a definition. As these individuals wear neckwear that used to receive warnings from officials on the field, now nothing is said. Chains, necklaces were not permitted to hang loosely out of the uniforms for safety reasons. I recall times in the past when the home plate umpire would stop play and make a pitcher tuck a necklace back into his shirt because of the distraction it could be to the batter. Players leave buttons undone at the top of the uniforms to the point that you sometimes can’t make out the team name on the jersey. Cleats and sock colors are another area that players get creative, often in contrast to the uniform they wear. I see it as a “come as you are” invitation to the MLB game. I know the league (there really is only one league now) wants to promote its international appeal. I think every minor league team now has a uniform that celebrates the Latin American heritage. I get all that. Several years ago MLB introduced the mantra, Let’em Play. This is where a lot of the old norms were openly challenged and have, over several years, been discarded. This is where the bat flip became a part of the game. There are other examples of what I’m getting at but I’ll stop here. I still love the game! As REO Speedwagon sang, Roll with the changes.
  2. You really can’t make this stuff up.. Embattled Secret Service director Kimberly Cheatle has a bizarre explanation for the agency’s failure to secure the rooftop used by the shooter who attempted to assassinate former president Donald Trump over the weekend. “That building in particular has a sloped roof at its highest point. And so, you know, there’s a safety factor that would be considered there that we wouldn’t want to put somebody up on a sloped roof,” Cheatle told ABC News in an exchange that was not included in the outlet’s write-up of the interview nor the published transcript.
  3. Mr. Market was in a good mood today.
  4. Apparently Hinch didn’t say the magic words. I’d like to hear Bochy’s attempt at logic.
  5. Thank you. I didn’t make the connection.
  6. Ol’ Tim got suckered big time. Just another brick in the wall.
  7. Literally? I must have missed the news about an attempted hanging. Details?
  8. We are entirely in mutual funds these days and have been for some time. However, I do see individual stocks as tempting. About a year ago I considered selling one of the funds and buying five individual stocks. They were all at good buy points. M* had them at 5 star stocks, which is to say they were well below fair value. I did all the homework on each stock I decided to go with. They were: Pfizer (still in buy territory), Truist, Duke Energy, Realty Income, and Gilead Science. All these stocks pay a good dividend and at the same time offered a good upside on price appreciation. I never sold the fund for the sake of buying my mini portfolio. Pfizer is the only one that hasn’t moved up much since my decision. I still look at that as a good long term buy. Their top scientist left the company last week so that does give me some pause. Buying and trading individual stocks require a bit of effort that I don’t have to commit to with a boring mutual fund.
  9. FYI, I had so hoped Haley would be the nominee at the outset.
  10. I don’t see that angle getting any traction. Trump already appeals to the blue collar guy/gal. He’s their hero against the establishment. The establishment is anything Washington. Biden represents over 50 years old political waste land in D.C. Vance isn’t going to hurt or change that perception among Trump’s base. Vance will be a boost to Trump’s chances over what a Mike Pence type could offer. Biden has his own issues within his own party right now and that isn’t going away. I don’t like either candidate. Should be interesting from here on out.
  11. I won’t argue that. I’ve heard Vance’s name on and off for several years but never cared enough to look him up. I just looked up his bio. Interesting beyond politics.
  12. I don’t follow the Trump train as closely as this board does. I try to avoid the rhetoric and division. I had pretty much decided to write in Youngkin’s name for the presidency in November. His not getting the VP nod 🙏 is a good thing. I was hoping he would stay as far away from Trump as possible. I would like to think he would be a choice in 2028.
  13. A seat cushion would qualify as articulate beside Kamala Harris.
  14. I’ve been very impressed at how Kamala was able to navigate such a difficult assignment. 😉
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