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  1. actually, the thread I started in the Tigers forum was there (again) when I went for a look just now. so I stand by my theory of non-admin anomaly. 🙃
  2. there were/are so many of those that I wouldn't be able to tell. but I do see that both my posts from this morning are gone. well, I guess one of those was a thread in the Tigers forum, so yeah, I guess I noticed one then. I'm not 100% sure it's intentional, though. I also read all the posts in the political forum this morning that I hadn't read before things went wonky, and when I went back there just now, they were all unread again. so it's like some state got reset in the past few hours. posts gone, reading activity "forgotten", etc.
  3. someone with admin access to both would have to export and then import. and I think MWG said he doesn't have admin privs at MTS any more, so that leaves us with... no one.
  4. I'm with everyone who's not going back to MTS. it's only a matter of time before it blows up again.
  5. nice catch by Paredes. long run, wet grass, last-second adjustment.
  6. c'mon, Michael, 3 easy outs and no drama. I know you can do it.
  7. Baddoo SFs Willi in. now 5-2. nice 9th inning here, and it looks like Fulmer might have the bottom half of the inning, so there's half a chance the Tigers can keep the lead.
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