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  1. knock on wood, but in MI the 7 day average is down this week. Lowest daily counts in 3 weeks.
  2. how is it racist exactly to criticize Herschel Walker for invoking a swastika?
  3. I don't watch Braves home games. I really dislike that team for some reason. Not just about The Chop. This series is one I have no interest in. I went to bed 4-4 and just now bothered to check to see who won.
  4. Brit’s colleague at Fox, Tony Snow is someone I wish were still around. Obviously for his friends and family but to see how he’d react to this crap.
  5. Agreed. Which is why the length of this latest surge is puzzling me. We are almost 3 months into slowly rising cases. Who is left? Thursday and Friday numbers slightly below last weeks. A glimmer of hope for me that we are beginning to go down. anecdotally my wife says nearly every vaccinated patient she sees is J&J.
  6. The thing with that math though is there is overlap among those infected and vaccinated. How much overlap? Who knows.
  7. 1989 was the summer before I got my drivers license. I was 15 and past the point of “going out and playing”, we did more of our stuff later in the day by then. Usually just hanging out at someone’s house. I spent a lot of time that summer home during the day and watching the Cubs. When they won the division I felt like a Cubs fan. It was neat.
  8. It’s a racket. The candidates are trading fame. It’s make work. The point is to raise the 9 so you can pay the 8. Those people get cushy consulting gigs. Nobody cares. The fame of the candidate is used to raise money. It’s a ruse and they all are in on it. The politician is like a child actor where all the adults are getting rich.
  9. I will probably always wear one to the grocery store. Any place I am strolling and touching things. As much to avoid colds and flus as covid.
  10. I can still hear Skip Carey say the name “Jeff Blauser”.
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