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  1. I wouldn’t mind that because the people don’t vote for them and have no way of getting them out. They do with politicians. I would even end term limits for presidents since it seemed like a reaction to one person and we shouldn’t make laws or amendments on that. 30 years is a nice round number and fits with traditional pension plans, etc and has limited application. I was in my first weeks of college when Clarence Thomas got on the court. I’m 50 now. That’s enough. We would have 12 more years to go before it comes up with Roberts and Alito.
  2. I like watching live music. I will go see anybody anytime. I wish I had more opportunities and friends interested in that. It’s different if you go to a place when a stage and it’s a normal occurrence that someone is there. In my situation above it’s a small brewery. They basically move tables and a guy sets up. Just wasn’t in the mood for it. Unnecessarily loud and the acoustics in there are bad already. I’m crabby but old man. Last year I reconnected with an old best friend. Went to a tiger game on like a Monday night. After went into bookies. It’s 10pm on Monday night with hardly anybody in there. We are at the bar trying to eat and talk. The music was too loud. When you can’t hear the person 10 inches from you….
  3. It will be hard because so many of the GOP policies are “weird”. I use that word because I saw a tweet recently summing it up that way and I think it fits. Just take the Alabama IVF decision as an example. It’s extreme to normal people but it’s the logical extension of their position on abortion. How many are trying to walk it back after being exposed for endorsing similar laws in the past? I think a national law codifying Roe and hopefully closing the book on that issue is a necessary first step. But Roe has been the heart and soul of GOO politics since the late 70s when Falwell started the moral majority. It’s been proven time and again there’s no place for Romney style economi conservative policies with a blind eye toward the firebrand social issues. a path forward could emerge via a split of the Democratic Party with folks like Manchin butting heads with the progressives.
  4. People base term limit opposition on anecdotal evidence. Yes there are a handful who just stay in on name. But that’s up to the electorate to handle. The Michigan GOP is a good example of that.
  5. The 68 election was close and hard to analyze because of Wallace who won 5 southern states and in 3 of them Humphrey got more votes than Nixon. And you had Vietnam.
  6. If Harris had come out and said she didn’t want to serve in 2025 I suspect a good chance Biden would have announced he’s not running and thrown it open to the likes of Newsom and Gretchen. Then you have kind of a scenario after a two term POTUS where the VP is not running, 2008 and 2016. I really think Harris on the ticket complicated things. That kind of situation is almost like running against an incumbent.
  7. I think Trump winning will have a serious threat to global affairs. Russia will steamroll Ukraine and go after Poland and given his talk about NATO…. We won’t step up. Our allies might. Then it’s a mess. Taiwan will be in danger too.
  8. In general I’m going to believe the woman because historically they have gotten the short end of these situations both in terms of lack of Justice and overall shaming and questioning. So if that means a douchebag like Bauer is unfairly accused… so be it. I’m fine with him being allegedly falsely accused if it means other women are rightfully believed and feel courage coming forward when it happens to them. I’m sure there’s millions of women out there saying “yeah it sucks when you are unfairly judged on something. welcome to the club. My rapist got off because I had a black bra on.”
  9. I was thinking about small government crap when I read Florida wants to ban social media for kids 16 and under.
  10. Someone on twitter said, to the effect, The Dog caught the car, doesn't like the taste of the bumper, and is trying to break free. Abortion is the classic case of having a binary and ironclad belief in something not being sustainable. The logic of the Catholic Church for example is sound... but to a fault. Saying you are against abortion in all cases because it's a life can be honorable in a vaccum but it then leads to these kinds of rulings and if someone truly believes that it is taking a life and that life begins at conception... then how can you argue any other way? That's the logical extension. But the realitiy many pro lifers can't admit to is that it begins somewhere in between conception and birth but they insist on drawing a line. But a GOP pro choice candidate, of any kind, is a non starter at the national level.
  11. I listened to a little bit of sports talk radio during the Lions playoff run and immediately was reminded why I quit. I don't know much about football so I was trying to get a feel for things, between this site and the radio. Then I quickly realized I know more than the callers. It adds no value to my understanding of any sport. That's why this site is so good. and why a site like Twitter can still exist and give me something if I stay on top of who I read and don't read.
  12. Yes. And I always thought if Haley got the GOP nomination she'd be in a better position than Trump to defeat Biden. But she's taken some strong stances on abortion and I've read she had her children through IVF so this will be an interesting weave for her to work around. It could all backfire spectactularly or she could pick and choose and carefully lay out what is and isn't appropriate. But rulings like this don't help the "Well they won't do that will they?" mantra because... yes they will and yes they have. You can no longer say that about anything once you "leave it to the states". And coming up with a federal restriction/allowance is not "leaving it to the states".
  13. Granted I don't do most of our shopping but I honestly couldn't tell you what things cost. I find what I need, put it in the basket, and use my AMEX to pay the bill. It's generally $X when I shop. Then I pay my AMEX which also includes any other bills I can throw on it, along with any eating out charges, etc. My AMEX bill is generally the same every month but can fluctuate if I buy concert tickets or sign up for a race. I just don't pay that much attention to the itemized cost. I'm not going to not buy something because it cost a few dollars more. I want it. If I didn't want it then I wouldn't have considered buying it. I went to college and got a decent paying job so that I didn't have to deny myself things that we had to do growing up. I'm not reckless, I dn't have a lot of toys or whatever, but I'm not going to think twice about some purchases. I know too many people who have died in their 60's to worry about my life at that point. When I'm 68 I'm not going to think "Yeah, I am glad I didn't go on that trip when I was 48, now I can have a bigger 401(k) to allow me to take this other trip now where I can't do the same things I could at 48 because I'm now 68" I guess I don't have the "money" gene wehre I worry about things like that and I am fortunate enough to not have to.
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