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  1. I don’t disagree. But split against MSU-Penn State, win the other 3 like they should, go into Ohio St game 10-1, lose, and get sent to a 50/50 bowl game. A 10 or 11 win season is at the upper range of what Michigan fans should expect and if Harbaugh does that as often or not the admin will be happy, IMO (of course his next 11 win season at Michigan will be his first 11 win season at Michigan).
  2. Did you hear how the Ole Miss-Tennessee game ended. No, not the golf ball at Lane Kiffin. AFTER that. Tennessee got the ball back, QB got hurt with 18 seconds to go, JOE MILTON comes in, with the ball at the 21 for the final play of the game he runs it and runs out of bounds at the 8 after time expired, lol.
  3. Wings 3 (Zadina 1), Canucks 1 (Q Hughes 0) Hughes and OEL looked good together. Whether or not OEL can regain his form of a couple of years will make or break the summer trade.
  4. Nebraska didnt look great today. But I think Iowa's 17-point thumping by Purdue at home this afternoon will result in Michigan passing both Iowa and Penn St in the polls to move up to #6 in the AP.
  5. Watching on Sportsnet, Canadian fees. It’s the 3rd ranked HNiC game tonight behind Sens-Leafs and Habs-Rangers
  6. Ha, I texted a friend earlier in the game that I was watching mostly to scout the Tigers’ next shortstop. Just interviewed on Fox now.
  7. I think they have a song about a 14 year old girl too, dont they. Seger does: [Verse 1] Now Louise she is an outlaw In the year of seventy one She's got Levi bells and long straight hair She's got a Delta hypo gun Her folks they didn't understand why she Couldn't get her homework done (Mmm) Her father is a preacher Her mother's an ex-nun [Verse 2] Now Louise she likes to boogie Down at the old ballroom She's got a crazy hophead boyfriend Digs freon balloon They ride on his Harley from the morning 'Til the late afternoon (Oh yeah) They get stoned in the evening And make love beneath the moon [Verse 3] Now the old folks who are listenin' Prob'ly think this song's obscene Say your children aren't like that Say my words are way off theme Well Louise she's just an average Product of the American dream (Ah yeah) I concede she's kind of naive but (Uh) After all she's only thirteen (Oh yeah)
  8. Bad check swing call goes against the Giants, what a feeble way to end a season.
  9. This is exactly how I like winner take all eliminations to go. Dodgers take 2-1 9th inning lead. I would like the Giants to stave off any more damage in this top of the 9th, then put a runner or two on in the bottom of the 9th, then see what happens. Max warming up in the bullpen.
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