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  1. There's a whole Queers for Palestine. The irony is they would be jailed or executed in every Middle East country except Israel.
  2. Hamas literally filmed it and the UN is just acknowledging it happened after the entire world turned against Israel. Also armed civilians who were supposedly genocided joined in too.
  3. Biden would get tarred and feathered if he said that about West Virginia. They would be calling him an elitist. News organization would be racing to diners in West Virginia asking real Americans how they feel about the president saying it's a horrible place.
  4. The Dolphins were colluding with Payton and Brady while they were still under contract with their teams. The Saints even denied the Dolphins permission to speak with Payton. What the Falcons did was contact Cousins during the tampering period when they are only allowed to contact his agent.
  5. There’s no reason for Hamas to accept a ceasefire. Leftists all over the world are blaming Israel and accusing them of genocide for a war Hamas started. These dip****s are willing to burn down the US over a war the US isn’t even involved in. Not even Hamas could’ve thought it would go this well.
  6. MAGA will tell us how all the blacks in Milwaukee love Trump but they’ll also work tirelessly to not count their vote.
  7. Leftist are so politically ignorant I wonder if they are right wing ops because all they accomplish is getting right wingers elected.
  8. The leopards are eating the leftists face. They are no different than MAGA. Two sides of the same coin.
  9. But Israel is doing a genocide.
  10. Future soccer moms at it again
  11. Searching Hamas propaganda for examples of Israel doing normal crowd control.
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