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  1. Everything is better with a bag of weed. You don't need meth and you don't need speed because everything is better with a bag of weed.
  2. I ended up scrapping the sofi account in favor of some Fidelity mutual funds. My 401k is through Fidelity so I figured I would keep it all together. I made small investments in large growth, mid cap and total bonds funds for now. Only invested a little to get my feet wet. I noticed back in 2013 I invested a small portion of my 401k into a real estate fund. Totally forgot about and come 2021 that real estate fund exploded. Somewhat related to investing, I leased a Chevy Trax in 2019 right before the pandemic as a commuter car. The pandemic hit and I've worked from ever since and the car has remained parked with low miles Now with this chip shortage, I have dealers fighting with each other to buy my Trax. I have offers upwards of $5,000 over the lease payoff. They are literally offering more than what I paid for it new. Who would have thought a Chevy Trax would have appreciated in value?
  3. Maybe the team is holding him out to give Sewell a run at LT?
  4. No, they weren't. No team was offering multiple 1sts. The best offer outside of the Rams was Carolina's 8th. Chicago had serious interest but not known what they offered.
  5. Because they don't take Goff and the Rams were the only team offering two first round picks.
  6. I mean, both of their top executives have been involved in putting together Super Bowl rosters but if only they fired Quinn sooner.
  7. Except Tua was considered the top QB and it would have been more likely Tua was drafted. If they did draft a QB and trade Stafford, they would have gotten a lot worse return. There is also no way of assuming that Sheila firing Quinn would have led to the Lions drafting a QB most people had 2nd.
  8. and I'll stand by that I think what you think is ridiculous.
  9. Seems a little ridiculous to assume someone is not up to the job based on the timing of firing management before she had actual authority to do so and then assume everything done afterwards means nothing.
  10. The initial post was that she should have fired Quinn prior to the 2020 draft. She was not in charge at that time.
  11. Right but she didn't take over until after the draft and free agency and basically just before the preseason.
  12. That was the 2021 draft. Gehringer was talking prior to the 2020 draft which was in March and Sheila took over in June. The decision to fire your GM should come no later than season end.
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