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  1. If you think that's crazy, wait till you hear about the leaders of Palestine. They call themselves Hamas.
  2. It seems pretty unsurprising the home of the Nazis support Trump. Not surprised to see Italians up there. He looks like Mussolini and acts like a mob boss.
  3. As an Italian American, I'm in if he comes out with a line of marinara sauce, but to be honest, I was probably already there since he runs his campaign like a mob boss.
  4. Next Trump will release his own brand of Salsa to appeal to Mexican voters. Look under the lid for your chance to win the opportunity to avoid the detention camps.
  5. It's going to be something when this ban goes nationwide next year because a bunch of leftists are upset about an overseas war the US didn't start and isn't involved in.
  6. The only country those LGBT folks can live in in the Middle East without being sentenced to death is Israel. Israel is a multi-cultural country with socialized health care. I figured the progressives would wet themselves over that.
  7. Another thing the left has in common with MAGA, they're still obsessed with Hillary. They wanted the US to pull out of Afghanistan and Biden did it and has paid dearly. His approval rating has never required. No president is ever going to end a war now. The tankie left wants to had Ukraine over to Russia to pacify them. Wonder why we don't just tell Palestine to concede Gaza to Israel for the sake of peace since they are going to get crushed by Israel like Ukraine was supposed to be crushed by Russia? The tankie left was also quiet about Syria and even supported Asad. Remember when Tulsi used to be a Bernie sis and Asad apologist?
  8. I just think it's telling that leftists have so much concern over this foreign conflict than any other.
  9. I had actually forgotten Pete Hoekstra still exists. Wasn't he the jackwagon who ran a commercial with an Asian woman in broken English in a rice paddy? That was what, 2012?
  10. The Michigan Republican party is like the episode of The Office where there were two party planning committees.
  11. Now the state rep over there, Dylan something or other, is spouting off about voting non committed. God damn we're going to let Trump win over a foreign war the US didn't start, has no troops on the ground, committed no airstrikes, and led by a country the US does not control.
  12. Here's Laura Ingraham saying he has to put up the money and Trump says something incoherent.
  13. FWIW Alina Habba was crying on Fox News that Trump would have to bond the whole thing to appeal. I don't count her as a reliable source though.
  14. Yeah that was probably expected given the emergence of Melifonwu. The writing was on the wall when Walker was a healthy scratch for all of the playoff games.
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