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  1. Lol nice start Goff. Throwing the ball more than 5 yards must be a fine for the lions offense.
  2. Get Goff out of the damn lineup. He refuses to throw past the line of scrimmage. Sick of his bullshit.
  3. Goff is the worst starter in the league. There is no one worse.
  4. Lions haven’t had a first half TD since the packers game.
  5. Another 3 and out. Lions don’t even try to throw it further than 3 yards.
  6. Goff under pressure after Sewell gets easily beat. He has only gotten worse as the season has gone on.
  7. Lol with the presnap penalties. Penei Sewell is really not good.
  8. Gary is a great example. Any one who watched the majority of his snaps knows he left a lot to be desired and was drafted too high.
  9. The game did not end well for Willis. 3 and out, ULM gets a FG to go up 3 and then Willis throws a pick. Receiver was open, overthrew him. Maybe go defense.
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