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  1. They won’t be back. They will overpay goff and that will be game over.
  2. Great. Keep rooting for a team that works harder to lose than to win. How can anyone keep their job when don’t kick the FGs and then waste time he most valuable timeout of all time? How do you run the ball?
  3. I can’t root for this team with such a reckless coach. He threw the game.
  4. How can you possibly hand it off in that situation. It’s just egregious coaching level ineptitude.
  5. Campbell with a clinic of amateur level coaching in this game. Would be cool to have 3 timeouts. Asshole.
  6. I’ve never seen worse coaching in the history of my life. Dan Campbell is an idiot.
  7. Unlikely to make the playoffs next year with their schedule. And they will extend Goff crippling the payroll.
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