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  1. Dealing with a bout of god awful food poisoning today. I was talking to a friend who’s a doctor and he asked if I had had this before. Told him I haven’t felt this bad since January 28th.
  2. Forgot about the noon start but figured this was a good sign.
  3. Good teams build through the draft. Desperate teams build through free agency.
  4. I don’t think Young meets the character prerequisites set in place by Holmes and Campbell.
  5. That sounds right. Like I believe that the road project last year on State St. was all Ann Arbor and Washtenaw County, but the buildings themselves (and parking lots) are the U.
  6. I didn't say anything about need. Since when are institutional monies spent on need? Drive a quarter mile down Hill and you can go from an $18 million dollar project for more housing at the old Elbel Field, to knocking fillings out and getting concussed by the pot holes outside the Ford School. I might be conflating A2 money with UM money, but the point remains. It's a cult thing. I bet he gets a statue.
  7. With Harbaugh now gone, I think it's pretty low. They're going to make him into the sacrificial lamb. I expect the eventual consequence to be along the lines of forfeited scholarships, a short postseason ban (probably for 2024, when they are about to go 7-5 or 8-4), and a multi-year show-cause for Harbaugh. I expect a lot of back room winking to Harbaugh too, and that he'll get his statue next to Bo about ten years after the dust settles from all this. Historically, the NCAA only vacates wins when they rule a player who was ineligible to have played in those games (usually for taking money and being deemed retroactively to have lost their amateur status). The only deviation I can think of from that was when they made Penn State vacate all of Paterno's wins for the Sandusky scandal - and those were later returned as a part of a settlement agreement. Taken alongside Charlie Baker's "fair and square" comments, I think Michigan will come out of this just fine. I will say that I think had Michigan gone through with their litigation against the Big Ten and secured an injunction (and Harbaugh coached those three games), then the NCAA could have plausibly argued that Harbaugh himself was ineligible for all games coached after imposition of the suspension, and vacated all of those wins, including the Natty. But the way it played out, I'd be surprised if they vacate anything.
  8. He's got some clear anger issues that go beyond the sport of basketball. If the ridiculous fight against the Lakers in 2021 didn't show that, this sure does.
  9. I agree. I think ideally he wouldn't have seen any playing time, let alone any starting time this season. I'm hopeful he can still turn into a serviceable backup.
  10. Sorsdol was drafted as the jack of all trades, master of none offensive lineman. You can’t roster 10 offensive linemen, so it’s nice to have backup linemen who can plug and play anywhere on the line. Sorsdol was a five year starter at RT, but was projected as an NFL OG, and could probably play C in a pinch. It’s nice to have that versatility on your bench.
  11. I don't knock it, but I will say the degree to which she is idolized as a cult-like hero is insane. I've never seen such a widespread pandemonium in my lifetime and it doesn't show signs of slowing. I'm sure some... wiser... posters could have some other musical artists who they could compare this to, but I've been around a few decades now and I've never experienced anything like the degree to which her fandom has risen since the Eras Tour first took off.
  12. They'll have a Jamaal Williams like problem with Jonah Jackson. The offensive line is a crucial part of the team's success (like the run game is). If he wants to test the open market, that's fine, but it might mean we move on.
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