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  1. If Lange is the closer next season that will be some serious derp. He needs to just be a 7th/8th inning setup guy at the point...wayyy too sketchy to be a closer.
  2. Nevin called back up over Malloy or Keith is some derp.
  3. Lol, meh, I'm always hangin around, but not much to say about this season at this point...team is what it is, but when I see unmitigated ass a'la Lange as a closer, well, I feel compelled to push phone buttons and give the old what for.
  4. Holy ****, the Greene, Tork, Carp trifecta is becoming deadly! Picke em up Carp!
  5. Fair enough, and tbf to Tork, he is statistically progressing this season, but then again, he's a #1OA draft pick, who's cealing appears to be on track to be an average at best MLB player, which is great for this diaper fire offense I reckon. Further, your point plays into another side of my Debbie-Downer-ness: my criticism of this team under AJ and how they dont seem to develop offensively under his tenure up to this point, they are bad at the plate.
  6. I think we all knew Harvy was gonna strike out again there....
  7. Lol, yep, that's exactly me watching him predictably get eaten up after the good foul ball contact.
  8. But then he proceeds to demonstrate how he's still a bit over matched by good MLB pitching with his second K.
  9. Oi vay, Harvy didnt even try that AB...lazy strike 3 swing at a ball 2 feet outside, ffs
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