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  1. Great way to end it! It’s been amazing Miggy! Thanks for all the memories!
  2. Man I wish I would’ve recorded this! Thanks for everything Miggy!
  3. Final line for Wentz 2.1 innings pitched 2 homers, 2 doubles, 8 total hits, 3 walks and 7 earned to the guardians. Sheesh!
  4. The announcers keep talking about how he has major league stuff, I’d like to know what they’re watching?
  5. There is more than enough evidence to say to the Tigers brass that this should be the last time Wentz ever wears the old English D.
  6. Man Tork just isn’t going to make it to 30 is he? Some bad ABs these past couple weeks.
  7. Tork and Carp both swing at pitches at their chins with the bases loaded. Disgusting. At this point, I seriously doubt Tork hits number 30. He’s turning in dreadful ABs (ops around 300 his last 7) and he doesn’t hit many homers at Comerica.
  8. Meadows swings and misses on a cookie right down the middle. Smh
  9. At this point, I’m pretty sure the A’s could go pick any of the 12 fans in attendance and they’d throw a quality start against us.
  10. Welp the human white flag wingenter in the game. Oh well, maybe someday we’ll figure these guys out. Good night.
  11. Hinch please go get Vest, let’s not lose to these jokers. edit: never mind, Holton gives up a 3 run bomb anyway.
  12. Man this guy has very mediocre stuff but he has us baffled once again.
  13. He does that way too often, watch hittable pitches that are right down the pipe. It’s like he makes up his mind that he’s taking no matter what, typically with 2 strikes.
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