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Sprint Football, an interesting alternative?

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While I was reading some of the responses in the thread about the hip-drop ban, it reminded me of this version of football I heard about many years ago, so I just looked it up again. It's pretty niche football with just like 15-20 colleges that have teams playing it. In short, Spring football is just like regular football but there's a max weight limit (currently 178 pounds) for each player.

This means that receivers, corners and QBs are the same size (more or less) as DLs and OTs and linebackers. There's a bigger emphasis on speed and agility vs. size and strength. And it would seem with all players being nearly equal in size there's a smaller risk of injury.

Now, I really, really, really doubt we'll be seeing any expansion of Sprint Football at the college level, let alone any professional level Sprint Football. But it's an interesting concept and might make for a more entertaining game.

On a purely hypothetical note, it could also co-exist better with the NFL given that the the weight limit. If you're a talented player, but just not large enough to make it in the NFL, a Sprint Football league might be the better alternative for you.

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