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Upside App - Cash back on gas purchases


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Anyone else using this?  If so, what's been your experience so far?

I just started using it yesterday and got $6.71 back on my first fill up.  So far seems to be legit.  If you don't know about it it's like a lot of those other cashback things... you buy a products, take a picture of your receipt, and they give you some money back.  The difference here is that it's on gas, which many of us are buying a lot of anyway.

Looks like the normal "cash back" is 6 cents to 12 cents in my area (depending on the station), but of course there are bonus deals.  When you sign up use "baseball" as the bonus code and you get like a $25 cent bonus per gallon on one transaction.  

And yes of course this there's a referral element involved.  If you use my code (6XGZPE) you and I both get a bonus 15 cents per gallon on the next transaction as well.

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