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USFL 2023 Season Thread


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The season is supposed to kick off on April 16th so there's still plenty of time for it implode. 🙂  The full schedule hasn't been released yet so we don't know when the Panthers will be playing.  

The league is going to being in two sites this year.  From what I've read most teams will still be in Birmingham AL, but at least two teams will be playing in Memphis: The (new to the USFL for 2023) Memphis Showboats and the Houston Gamblers.  Not sure if any other teams will play out of Memphis as their 'home' stadium.  I think it would be nice to see a few other teams move up there but who knows what sort of space they have for practice and housing there.

I appreciate that they are trying to grow the league in a fiscally responsible way but I fear that if they don't start getting teams into their 'home markets' they're not going to get fans interested.

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WOW!  Games at Ford Field?  That really, really surprises me!  I didn't think there was anyway they would get in Ford Field in the next 4-5 years let alone this year.  I'm honestly kinda stunned.

This does explain why Ford Field accelerated the time table to have the field replaced though.


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Panther's draft class:

Round 1, Pick 1 – Jarrett Horst – OT- Michigan State
Round 2, Pick 8 – Tanner Morgan – QB – Minnesota
Round 3, Pick 16 – Santrell Latham – LB – Southern Mississippi
Round 4, Pick 24 - DJ Scaife Jr – OL - Miami
Round 5, Pick 32 - Dashaun White – LB – Oklahoma
Round 6, Pick 40 - Levi Bell – DT – Texas State
Round 7, Pick 48 - Gunnar Oakes – TE - Eastern Michigan
Round 8, Pick 56 - Andrew Farmer II – OLB - Lane College
Round 9, Pick 64 - Chim Okorafor – OT – Benedictine
Round 10, Pick 72 – Sidy Sow – G – Eastern Michigan

Looks like offensive line was their focus.  They need seriously need an upgrade at QB too.  I know nothing about Morgan though.  Anyone know about him?

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