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  1. They were going to Detroit to interview both Johnson and Glenn - or at least that's what I heard. So instead of both they interview just Glenn when they arrive (not actually a wasted trip). Don't know if it's really that big of a deal
  2. You know, after thinking about it... maybe only some of my balcony furniture, not all. I think my little table is still good
  3. Well.. I've got some painting that I want to get done, and I'm also thinking about replacing my balcony furniture
  4. CNN had a Super Bowl section with 5 stories on their website today. One was about ticket prices, one was about the Lions... ...and the other three were about Taylor Swift. "Airlines add Super Bowl flights with a nod to Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce" "Would Swift return from Tokyo in time to see Kelce play in Super Bowl? CNN reporter does the math" "Taylor Swift celebrates with Travis Kelce" And so it begins... 🤮 🤮 🤮
  5. There sure have been a lot of new faces around here lately. Seems they all suddenly showed up near the end of the season to provide us with their drive-by commentary
  6. They'll have a tougher schedule (at least on paper. Things change, teams change)... but they'll be a better team too. I expect Holmes to have another good offseason and draft
  7. Either way, what Campbell has done is completely change the culture with this franchise. Holmes too. Winning Lion teams of the past still seemed more to me like a collection of tangentially-related players. Not this group. It's a real team, and it's because of Dan. Even the 90s Lions weren't this together. Despite some decent seasons back then, there were still players who viewed their coach as a clueless bonehead. Erik Kramer has ripped Wayne pretty hard in recent interviews. Jimmy Williams thought he was a moron - he used to scoff at the way Fontes rode around the practice field in a golf cart like a clown, smoking his cigar. Even Mitchell mocked him. And the front office back then was broken. Not this group. They are together from top to bottom. Ownership, GM, players, and especially the coach
  8. Yeah probably should've gone for at least one of those FGs. Sometimes Campbell blurs that line between aggressive and foolish. Still love the guy though
  9. I don't think I can stomach another KC Super Bowl win. Gotta root for the team that just beat us
  10. I think the 49ers are really exposing the Lions flaws and needs. Time for Holmes to go to work
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