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  1. If it's a high ankle sprain, it could be a 1-2 month thing. Of course nobody knows what's going on because the team is giving us absolutely nothing which is kind of a slap in the face to people who paid a lot of money to watch Cade in person.
  2. I know and it doesn't make it any less dumb to rush 3 and have 2 safeties deep when protecting a 3 or less point lead with less than a minute left. It's chicken shit coaching. I could see if there were like 10-15 seconds left but with 30+ seconds left, that's just way too much time to freely allow a team to complete several 15-20 yard passes down the middle.
  3. Playing prevent defense with 30+ seconds left when all a team needs is a FG to win almost always never works out for the defense yet stupid teams continue to employ that strategy.
  4. Agreed on those being bad calls (although going for it on 4th down late in the Bears game was the right call) but rushing 3 is designed to protect the secondary by not leaving them on an island and insulating them in a zone. The bigger mistake was keeping the 2 safeties deep opening up the middle of the field when all the Ravens err... Vikings needed was a FG to win.
  5. That's a valid take although I think it's too early to crown Holmes/Campbell as quality minds until they actually win something. I do like the direction the team is headed in though despite the record, they've been more competitive (especially with the rash of injuries) than I thought they'd be headed into the season.
  6. I agree that having Lawrence alone isn't a guarantee of success but having the franchise QB as a base is a great foundation to build off of. I'd rather be a team with a franchise QB to build around than one with more stable leadership and no franchise QB to build around. With that said, the Jags are in danger of wasting Lawrence's career if they have a revolving door of coaches throughout his career. Hiring Urban Meyer is not a good start.
  7. The Jags definitely bottomed out, they drafted a QB with the #1 pick and are in line for another top 3 pick so certainly no purgatory there and I doubt Urban is long for the NFL. He's the type of snake to slither out the back door when the going gets tough. I agree with the Bears, they have a lot of vets to team with a young QB so they're right in that Purgatory Zone but at least they have that potential franchise QB to build around. The Lions will never compete for the big prize without a franchise QB. I know that Goff played in a SB once upon a time but he's not THAT guy anymore. It doesn't mean that they need to draft a QB right now but soon, like 2023 draft at the latest or else they'll be that team stuck in purgatory with an average QB that can't take them to new heights.
  8. Preseason means virtually nothing. This game wasn't an indicator of anything. With that said, the Pistons are going to be a bad team but we knew this going in as they are extremely young and just not as talented as most other teams. Anybody talking about play in possibilities are completely delusional. 30 wins is probably the ceiling for the team this season.
  9. The Lions definitely need a Goff replacement but I don't think they should be so desperate to replace Goff now to feel forced to reach for a QB with their 1st pick. If they see a guy they really like in the mid 1st then maybe trade up to get one but definitely not with their 1st pick. What they need is playmakers, offense and defense. No more fat guys on the lines with the top 5 picks, load up on playmakers on both sides of the ball.
  10. I'd definitely rather be the Jaguars or Bears. They have their potential franchise QB already. They're sort of like the Pistons, not a good enough roster to win now but they have the potential star in place already whereas the Lions best player is a center who is now out for the season because... Lions.
  11. Finally made the time to register my account here after the "other place" got cooked so hello gentlemen. I just have three letters to say... SOL.
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