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  1. MIguy


    I've always said that's what it was about, parents indoctrinating their kids. Luckily I was intelligent enough to break free from the absolutely stupid ass beliefs that you idiots cling onto for life. Oh and to our asshole mod, don't come here trying to give some speech about how I've forced you to ban me. Just do it you pathetic asshole. I have no intentions of ever visiting this crappy little site again.
  2. MIguy


    Yeah but you're totally fine with people comparing my comments to Hitler's beliefs or blatantly taking what I said and twisting in into something else. If you're not going to chastise that person publicly, then don't try doing it with me. Also, if you're free to call me an asshole then right back act you buddy. You're one of the most stuck up self important assholes on this site.
  3. MIguy


    Accepting facts isn't exactly falling "in step" with a belief system, it's simply an acceptance of reality. The more people accept the world around them and how they came to be, the less likely they would be to believe in silly fairy tales that cause them to engage in hate and violence towards others who don't accept their falsehoods. But hey, you enjoy church this weekend, be sure to try the grape juice and crackers. I used to love those when my parents would force me to go to church with them when I was 12.
  4. MIguy


    One of the many great things a belief in god has given us.
  5. MIguy


    I've always claimed, even in this thread, that people can believe whatever they want. I've also said that I'm not obligated to keep my mouth shut when they spew nonsense.
  6. MIguy


    I guess I'm just someone who thinks the world would be in a much better place if people believed in facts and evidence rather than 2,000 year old fairy tales. That doesn't apply to only politicians or the neighbor down the street but essentially everybody over the age of 12.
  7. MIguy


    But see, it's not fine, that's the problem. Some of these people end up in Congress and use their ridiculous beliefs and fairy tales to try to govern how the rest of us are allowed to live our lives.
  8. MIguy


    As the scientific evidence continues to grow in support of the Big Bang, the church will end up doing exactly what they did with evolution. They'll say that people are free to believe whatever they want but to remember that whatever happened, it was god's work. We could end up with indisputable proof of the Big Bang and the religious flock would say that it was god who lit the fuse.
  9. Just another example of Biden's weaponized DOJ I guess.
  10. 4th and 2 with two minutes left and only 1 timeout and the Steelers throw it deep and don't come close to a completion. Might be the stupidest decision in the NFL this season.
  11. Holy crap, Wings are pouring it on in the second.
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