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Grading the Lions 2019 NFL Draft

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Just a rule I like to go by is waiting 3 years to grade a draft, by 3 years you know whether someone is good, still has potential or is a bust. The measure of success is only considered for how they did as a Lion, not elsewhere. 


1st Round T.J. Hockenson.   B-.   He's good, and if he was drafted late in the first round or in another other round, he's an A, but with the #7 pick in the draft, you'd better be really really good.   He's just good.   There is still hope, but there have been a lot of injuries.  It's a big prove-it year for Hock.  

2nd Round  Jahlani Tavai  F -   So much of a reach that when his name was called ESPN said nothing about him and showed zero highlights - because I don't think they had any idea who he was and he proved it.    One of Quinn's worst pick, and that's a decent list.   I think some mole in New England talked this guy up and suckered Quinn.   He would have been a decent 6th round pick. 

3rd Round Will Harris D - Never has developed, takes bad routes on tackles, gets burned frequently and is so bad as a safety that when they had to move him to CB at the end of last year because of injuries, he was better there.  

4th Round Austin Bryant C-   So underwhelming that I had to double check to see if he even played last year

5th Round Amani Oruwariye  A  - Great pick for the 5th round.  The Lions best corner?   Makes plenty of mistakes still, but you got a starter in the 5th round and that's good. 

6th Round  Travis Fulgham  F - Never caught a ball for the Lions. 

6th Round  Ty Johnson.  D   273 yards in 0 touchdowns for the Lions

7th Round  Isaac Nauta   D   3 catches for 16 yards in 13 games for the Lions.  He gets a D because if a 7th rounder even makes a team, it should be considered a mild success. 

7th Round   PJ Johnson, DE    F   Never played


This is the kind of a draft that gets people fired............so in that regard, you can call this a success.  



 (avoids an F because of Amani, which is interesting because if Patricia had coached another year, he probably would have had no success at all.)


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8 hours ago, AlaskanTigersFan said:

Isn't Hock a top 3 TE in the league?

Nope.   He has potential to be that, however, if he stays healthy, but this is the year that he really needs to stay on the field and make an impact.  Plenty of weapons for Goff, should free up space for Hock.  

If the same guy is drafted at #25, it's an A, but if your Top 10 pick is not a absolute difference maker in 3 years, then you can't really give him.   Hock's had moments, but it's not enough for a #7 pick at his position to call it an 'A'. 

I am grading for where the person is picked and what the expectations should be


Top 10 First Round -  Needs to be a consistent All-Pro caliber player 
Rest of the first round -  Starting player making a positive impact (Frank Ragnow)
Second Round - Starting player that you don't look to replace within 3 years
Third Round - A Player that can start, or is part of a rotation of players that see the field consistently
Fourth Round - A special teams contributor that can spell a starter without being a total liability
Fifth & Sixth Round - A least a special teams player or at least someone that sticks with your team for one full season. 
Seventh Round -  Making the team at all is a success



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