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For 58 years the Ford family has controlled this team and one thing is crystal clear.....They are not good at it.  That is not likely to change.  If the Ford family cared about the Lion fan....whose loyalty borders on lunatic....they would sell this team to someone whose passion for winning matches the fanbase.  To the Fords this team is nothing more than a cash cow whose tit never runs dry....regardless of never-ending futility on the field.  To my fellow Lion fans...I understand loyalty....but we dont owe any loyalty to the Fords.  Their loyalty to you begins and ends with the bottom line.  They will NEVER sell the cash cow.  I know I know.....this season is gonna be different.  No it wont.  I know the addiction ....but this can only end by BOYCOTT!!   Success on the field starts at the top.....with an owner who not only has passion...but talent to build with quality front-office personnel.  The Fords blundering that ....over and over and over....is why the 58 year rebuild never even lays the concrete slab to BEGIN building.  There's no guarantee that the next owner will have that talent....but how much more of THIS are you gonna take?   The boycott must be an organized mission......to make that tit run dry....watch how fast the Fords put you in their rearview mirror.  I became a Lion fan in 1970.....and it never gets any better....I have only a few years left on this planet.....and my message to the Ford family is this........TIME'S UP!!!

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While I applaud your enthusiasm, I seriously doubt that a boycott will get the Fords to sell.  The fact of the matter is that most of the revenue NFL teams get is from the media deals.  Certainly ticket sales and concessions help, but a loss of those wouldn't be enough to make the team unprofitable (at least in my opinion... I'm certainly not privy to inside information).

A boycott would be embarrassing and might prompt ownership to change front office and/or coaching staff. It might prompt them to "restructure" who supposedly in charge of it all.  But I seriously doubt it would be enough to drive a sale by itself.  There will always be suckers (and I'm looking in the mirror when I say this) that will see changes to the front office or coaching chair as maybe, just maybe, the right move... finally.

But even without the fans who always hope for the best, I don't think the current NFL would see a team loss revenue even with a mass boycott.  I'd be VERY interested to see the financial reports from last year when in person fans were virtually non-existent. My guess is the NFL still made money.

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