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Gun Holster Question

Bobby Wade

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1 hour ago, Bobby Wade said:
I have Sig Sauer M17 Best Combat Pistol. Need leather gun holster for it. Can anyone suggest me here. Which is best comfortable and fit.

I'm not-- decidedly not -- a concealed carrier.  For me, that's like carrying a running chainsaw around.   I live in a low crime area and ISIS activity in Northern Virginia is at historic lows.  I have no input on holsters.

But, I think the P320 (upon which the m17 is derived) is a fine pistol and have been shooting it since the first year it came out.  SigSauer has been excellent in supporting their product.  As a reloader I had some early production rounds I finally decided to shoot -- during the craziest ammo shortages during Covid -- that were overloaded w/powder.  Damn near lost my face and hand when it blew.  So, I called SigSauer to get the repair parts and was asked to be honest about what I did and I said...yes, this was my fault.  The support guy said...ok, they would fix for free.   I was amazed.

Were I interested, the SigSauer P365 seems to be a very nice concealed carry option.   I own the P232 which is the SigSauer that looks like the Walther PPK and for a 9mm option i have the Walther PPS2 but again...I'm not a concealed carry person.   These smaller guns are snappy and not near as interesting to fire as the bigger framed M17/P320.  But, I have shot the P365 and it is much easier to control than the other two concealed carry guns I have so if I were to decided to concealed carry again, i would look at that.



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