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  1. Are you just going by how she looks on The Bear? She's supposed to look awful. She's playing a trainwreck of a mom.
  2. He's done that a few times. Every time he starts to fade, out comes a Boomerang or Dreamgirls or Dolemite to bring him right back.
  3. The only music news that matters is that there's a new Eminem album this Friday.
  4. I assume this means Baddoo is getting the boot? My son is wearing his jersey to the game tonight. LOL!
  5. Outside of Maeda, I don't have many complaints about the starting pitching this season. It's the lineup and bullpen that are the problem.
  6. My son with tickets to Great American Ballpark tonight is going to be in for a surprise.
  7. Sounds like a Ryan Reynolds situation.
  8. You're probably right, even though he's 67 years old.
  9. Every AJR song I've heard is super catchy. I wish my daughter would have wanted to go to that show...
  10. The only thing that annoys be about the app is if I'm watching the pregame, it doesn't automatically roll me to the game. It kicks me back to the Bally home screen and I have to select the game. It's also moderately annoying that I had to select just one market/team. In Toledo with cable/DirecTV, you would get Tigers, Guardians and Reds all included. With the app, you have to pick one. Not a major deal, but annoying on days when the Tigers are off or played early.
  11. "I respect your right to hold a wrong opinion."
  12. "Alphabetically according to uniform number"? Have you been drinking already today?
  13. McKinstry was pretty effective yesterday out of the pen. As a bonus, it would keep his bat out of the lineup.
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