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  1. I’m not sure how much of a mystery it is—he’s declining offensively and has an aggressive agent who probably set his expectations too high.
  2. Tigers pitching a bit erratic today. Would be nice to hear C-Mo suggest to Dan bringing Bauer into camp to help.
  3. Poor Dan Dickerson. First, he’s triggered on his own podcast and now has C-Mo in the booth with him.
  4. They got a bit chippy with callers a couple times after that. Started to feel like a Howard Stern bit, where callers try to aggravate the hosts. Rough Pod for those guys.
  5. Respectfully disagree. Zach Neto was called up last season. Of course, if the Tigers play it conservative, that could happen.
  6. Also, if Jung tears it up and warrants a call up, it’s much easier to bench/trade Urshela vs Chapman.
  7. Don’t care what his tools are. He better be our top pick.
  8. I didn’t know this podcast existed. I like both of those guys.
  9. And what they knew when they dealt him to the Marlins?
  10. I also don’t think they’ll start the clock on Malloy, unless he’s a starter. Makes sense for to let him get the defensive reps in the OF at Toledo.
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