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Pistons 2023-24 Predictions


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29 wins +/- 3 either way.

Cade has a monster year, all star considerations.

People keep telling me Bogdanović will fetch multiple first round picks.  He wont.

Ausar makes 1st team all rookie.  Sasser makes second team.

Some moves will be made, nothing considered major.

Stewart and Cade both shoot >= 33% from three.

Weaver keeps job but that seat is very hot.


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i took the pistons over.  sweating that bet.

i'll stick to my guns and say 30 wins.

cade averages 20-6-6 but the 3 point woes persist.  

ivey busts out on offense, still cant defend anyone, and is a major trade candidate because he and cade get in each other's way on offense.

ausar stuffs the stat sheet and has some highlight plays, but cant shoot.  65% from the line and 22% from 3.

sasser doesnt see much time because the backcourt is crowded.

killian settles into the second team and plays well, but not enough to get his option picked up.  

bogey doesnt get traded but harris does (for a couple seconds).

wiseman still sucks and is out of the league in two years.

weaver enters next season on the hot seat.  ivey is seen as a major trade candidate but sticks around as we try to recreate jalen brown/jason tatum.  we deal our pick on draft night in a move for a....wait for it...big man who can spread the floor.  next season is playoffs or bust.

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32 wins. Fight for 12th in the East, but probably finish 13th.

Charlotte and Washington finish at 14 and 15. Raptors are the team they fight for 12th with after Toronto blows it up a bit. Magic are in that mix as well and finish at 35 wins despite all the offseason hype. Pacers are ahead of all these teams because they have the best coach of the bunch.

Pistons start out 2-8 in their first 10 games and everyone freaks out.

Cade plays over 65 games and comes in second for most improved player voting. Monty plays him off-ball a lot, getting him the rock in the middle of a play rather than always bringing it up the court, like he did with Booker in Phoenix.

Stew is the starting PF for a while, but that changes within the first 20 games and he gets moved to the bench prompting everyone to be angry about the contract (again).

Ausar starts and makes first team all rookie while averaging nearly a double-double. Let's say 11.5 pts, 8.5 rebounds, 3 assists, and 2.5 stocks (steals + blocks). He also averages >=33% from three on low volume (< 3 per game).

At least 2 players from this list are moved before the deadline: Bogey, Bagley, Wiseman, Burks, Hayes.

Ivey gets traded in the next 365 days. I'm feeling a Bey trajectory here with him already coming off the bench.

Troy uses most of his upcoming cap space in a trade either before the deadline or during the offseason...maybe this is where Ivey gets packaged to bring in a big name. Gores is done accepting all these loses so Weaver is going to be feeling the pressure to accelerate the process even though he'd prefer to continue to slow cook it.

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They won’t win the mid season playoffs.  No all stars, but Duren, Ivey, and Thompson make the kiddie game. 30-52, no bueno for the real playoffs.  The kids show promise, but they’re kids, so the promise is muddled with inconsistency.  They’re players in the deadline trade market, but the younger core remains intact.

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