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First game of Lions rookie head coaches: not pretty.


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Campbell: 41-33
Patricia: 48-17
Caldwell: 35-14 -- a win!
Schwartz: 45-27

Four of the last 3 head coaches in Detroit (all three of those being rookie HCs) gave up 40 or more points.  Obviously this is very limited data so I'm not trying to draw any specific conclusions from it.  Just here this "stat" on a podcast and thought it was interesting.

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Yup.  And hey... maybe he is still a defensive wiz.  Not all great coordinators make great head coaches.  That's one of the reasons I'm hopeful with Campbell.  He was an intern HC, and assistant HC, but not a coordinator.  That's not to say that being a coordinator isn't good experience, but if you're hired for a HC job because you were a great coordinator, then that might be a problem.

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You know what, I don't think Dan Campbell made any major mistakes in Game 1.   Going for it on 4th Down so many times - why not?  He's trying to see what kind of guys he might have for the future.  Far more important than one game.................and unlike Patrcia's 3 season starters, destroyed by the lowly Jets after scoring on the first play (a player he traded for questioning the defensive scheme, by the way), then blowing the big lead to tie Arizona and then last year's Bears fiasco...........We saw the opposite, the team way down didn't quit, they showed some heart there and I think that's the way they'll play for him.  

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