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  1. He has been a nice addition to the team... I don't think the Tigers necessarily look to flip him, but if a decent offer comes their way I'm sure they are open to listening. With prospects like Hill, Cameron, Greene and others close behind, there are only so many outfield spots available.
  2. The websites themselves are less than a year old and traffic has been steadily growing since they were launched. Forums like this are a little more difficult to start and grow these days due to the popularity of social sites like Facebook and Twitter. The forums are here and ready to go whenever people make their way over to talk.
  3. Thanks much for the kind comment! I'm trying to make the Motown websites for the Lions, Tigers, Pistons and Wings a one-stop resource for the latest team news. As I find more online resources that make their news and information available via RSS feeds, I'm adding that content to each of the team sites. So they keep growing and getting better as time passes.
  4. It was worth the wait! 😀 Welcome to the forum and I hope you’ve had a chance to visit MotownLions.com and have enjoyed the website and its resources!
  5. Do you like the hiring of Dan Campbell as the new Detroit Lions head coach?
  6. Welcome to the new message forum for fans of the Detroit Tigers. If you are looking for the latest news and information about the Tigers, please visit MotownTigers.com for the latest team info!
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