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  1. When I installed this software at MTS years ago, I probably tweaked the edit settings to not include a visible notice of editing. When I setup this forum, I left most of the default settings in place… Personally it’s probably best to have the edit notice displayed so people can’t as easily go back later and change their story without others knowing. Settings can always be altered, but I don’t see the real issue with this one. So you edit your post, big deal… I edit mine often due to typos, including this one. 🤪
  2. I just finished cleaning up a bunch of the topical threads on MTS. I didn’t delete the earlier ones you referenced (I assume the admin did since he appears to have logged in), but I cleaned up the majority that remained. They were fun to read while the site was not operating correctly for a month, but now that it is back up and running, I wanted to clean up the “graffiti”. Wether you post there again or not, there’s too much history there to leave it trashed.
  3. Correct, I do not have admin access at MotownSports anymore… I just have moderator access.
  4. Considering the Admin account last visited the site on August 2nd, it appears the site issues may have worked themselves out...
  5. Time to kick off another Lions game thread. This week the mighty Lions take on the alley cats from Cincinnati. Who will win this exciting matchup?
  6. Limb was under a lot of pressure with all the others on it...
  7. Another game, another... Let's talk about the game against the Vikings this Sunday, October 10th!
  8. I sold MotownSports in June of 2020 after 20 years of ownership. The new owner has apparently stopped paying attention to the site and forums, which are malfunctioning. These forums were setup early in 2021 to support my other websites, such as MotownPistons.com. Users from MotownSports have found there way over here during the most recent malfunction at MTS and have begun to use these forums. Glad you finally stopped by Betrayer!
  9. I found the Pistons to be very fun to watch last year despite their final record. They were in most games until the end and the players on the floor were busting their butts night after night... Most seemed like they had something to prove after being given up on from other teams. Reminded me of the early 2000's before the Pistons took off and won a championship. I do find it quite amusing that many predictions I have seen for this season have the Pistons only winning a couple more games (23 to 25 wins) then they did last year (record in 2020 was 20-52). Sure these predictions show improvement, but the Pistons record last year was with a shortened season (72 games)... so I would think they could do better and top 30 wins this season with an 82 games schedule.
  10. I'd like to get Betrayer over here... Have not seen him yet and have reached out to him. Our Pistons forum needs some action.
  11. Game Thread Who's going to win this big NFC North matchup?
  12. At the time Tiger Stadium closed, I was working as an employee of the company who held the contrat to run the Tigers website. I have two fond memories from the final game at Tiger Stadium, which I got to spend in the press box: The reaction of the folks in the press box when Robert Fick drilled his HR... Typically the working press showed no favoritism during a game and cheering was frowned upon. That all changed when Fick hit that homer as everyone seemed to burst out and cheer. I don't think anyone cared at that moment! The final game also brought out some celebrities, the most exciting to me was Tom Wopat. Yes, Luke Duke from the Dukes of Hazzard... I grew up watching that show in the late 70's early 80's, so sad to say that was a pretty cool moment for me. Too bad Daisy wasn't with him...
  13. I believe it. In order to gain access, the admin needed to approve your account registration. Unfortunately, they do not seem to be paying much attention to the site these days, therefore you and others were stuck waiting…
  14. Yesterday. I believe it was said during last nights game on a couple of occasions.
  15. Rain expected tonight, so they moved the game up to get it in.
  16. They were just playing the Beverly Hills Cop theme song during that last mound visit.
  17. As long as he doesn't hit the streets of Detroit in a car, he'll be okay.
  18. It's a very good possibility a college sports forum will be added to this message board in the near future. When I built this MB out earlier this year, I focused more on the 4 pro teams from Detroit to accompany the new sports websites I created (MotownTigers, MotownLions, etc.).
  19. Wow, Gose hitting 100MPH in the game last night. As a lefty, he has some potential to stick around a bit if he can keep the control in check. Good job young man! https://www.motowntigers.com/2021/09/21/former-tigers-of-gose-flashes-100-mph-heat-for-indians-fans-perez/
  20. Ah, I had the political forum turned off from anyone being able to see it except for me. I’ve fIxed that now. Your message should be viewable there now.
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