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Coolest thing ever. Computer simulations of entire seasons using the all-time rosters of teams. The Tigers won their division last year, but fell to the Yankees in the playoffs in a controversial decision to pitch Wild Bill Donovan on short rest rather than going with Denny McClain. Hal Newhouser and Hank Greenberg had stellar seasons. Alan Trammell was superb in their all-star game.

They got off to a slow start this season, but are back on top of their division.

A ton of fun.


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I’ll plug a book I recently read. 

Elden Auker (Detroit Tiger 1933-1938) in conjunction with Tom Keegan produced a book titled, ‘Sleeper Cars and Flannel Uniforms.’ For someone that likes Tiger baseball history with a personal touch I highly recommend this book. Auker passed in 2006. He was the last surviving member of the 1935 WS Champions. His stories about players and personalities in his era of the game are treasures. Easy read and very enjoyable. 

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Apropos of nothing, I notice that one of the two expansion teams in the eternal baseball universe is in Birmingham, Alabama (along with Montreal).

Birmingham could never support a big league team, but I have wondered how they have never gotten an NBA franchise. They are the #45 market in the country, right behind Jacksonville and OKC, and bigger than New Orleans, Memphis, and Buffalo, all of whom have at least one major franchise (and two of which have two teams). And Birmingham is far enough from Atlanta so that the Hawks probably won't bleed enough supporters to make a difference, but could also generate a pretty good rivalry if they can manage to compete for a division against one another.

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