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02/24/2022 07:00 EST Cleveland Cavaliers @ Detroit Pistons


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11 hours ago, buddha said:

bad win.

cade plays bad, killian is killian, bey shoots poorly and they get bailed out because garland and lavert dont play.

need to lose these games, dammit.

Cleveland should have run away with it early, but they couldn't hit free throws.

Sign of the times:


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I actually enjoyed it until the end of the 4th when Casey let Cojo and Grant go solo for 4 minutes and nearly blow the game rather than leaving Hami and Killian in there.

Cade and Bey struggled to shoot, although Cade still filled up the box score, but this was a pretty impressive defensive performance overall from the team. They basically shut Mobley down for most of the game, and without Garland there to get him easy buckets it really showed why Cade should be Rookie of the Year.

Killian didn't score but he was seriously impactful on defense and played a nice floor game on the other end. His defense was also infectious, sparking the rest of them to really crank it up. I've never seen Grant play this hard on D as a Piston.

Hami was outstanding on both ends and continues to show why he's a part of this team's future. Also reminded me why I want Ivey so bad in this draft. When you're that gifted athletically, you can simply make things happen. Add the offensive skillset that Ivey has and look out. He'd be a great backcourt fit next to Cade.

Bagley also had a great game, showing why we needed an athletic big like him on the roster. He put down a ridiculous alley-oop after a sweet  behind the back dribble move from Cade that got me out of my seat.

I'm ok with wins as long as it's the young, developing players getting us there. In this case it was Hami (23), Bagley (22), Killian (20), and Stew (20) who showed out in various ways while Cade (20) filled up the stat sheet - not Cojo, Grant, or Olynyk.

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