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  1. Lol!!! According to the late Norm Mcdonald nobody has a worse potty mouth than Uecker, which in my mind somehow makes him even funnier.
  2. Malloy gets on base, he's got a chance to find a spot. I read something a couple of days ago written by someone who didn't like his arm, which isn't a fatal flaw in LF.
  3. This is the legacy that Tim Scott, at one time respected, has chosen for himself. The Black man, grinning broadly, at Trump's KKK meeting.
  4. If your "joke" causes someone to receive death threats, it's not a joke.
  5. If you give in to Putin now, and concede Ukrainian territory, he will obliterate the rest of Ukraine within the next 12 years. It will all be Russia. So the only question that matters is, do you care?
  6. Did Rodgers apologize? I don't think so, I can't find it anywhere, does anyone have a link? I know who did apologize, it was Tank-Top Punter F-Head, for "his role" in the defamation. But Rodgers? I imagine that the first words out of his lawyers' mouths were "don't apologize". But if anyone has a link to a Rodgers apology I would like to see it. Even stupider than the defamatory statement is the whole idea that he would want to trade with Jimmy Kimmel. Why would anyone do that? Did he think that Kimmel would give him the faux-rival status of Matt Damon? What an a-hole.
  7. I still want there to be a difference between the 2 leagues. Late last season I looked at the top 10 hitters in the National League, and I didn't know any of their first names. That's how I want it, I don't want to care about the National League.
  8. He's going to play out the Supreme Court appeals until he dies, which can't happen soon enough.
  9. Our Lord sent Trump here to lead us. That's all I need to know. I don't need to read some old Jew books to know that Christ is showing us the way.
  10. Well this guy clearly is no comparison to Malloy, 2 reasons: (a) his OBP in 2 years in the very low minors was .370, and then .400. Malloy's is .410 at every level including AA and AAA. (b) your guy seems to have hit 3 home runs in 1000 PA's at the very lowest levels of Milb. Malloy hit 23 in 600 PA's at AAA. So, I might have some doubts about Malloy, and I do, but not because of whoever this guy is.
  11. Malloy has a .410 OBP at every level of the minors. Does that mean he could do .375 in the majors, with some power? If so, he has to be on the team at DH, mediocre defense in left, and relatively poor defense at third. If he does not make the team I don't want the reason to be "well the have Canha now and he's going to lead off". Canha is a nice player, for an old guy, but I'm not sure that he adds a lot more future value than Malloy or even Baddoo. We'll see next spring.
  12. When I look at that aggregate photo of all the scouts I am genuinely surprised at how young they are on average. They aren't 65, they're 45. It's possible that only the oldest guys got fired, but is that because they were the most resistant to industry-wide changes in methodology? This feels like out-of-court, here's $30,000 each, your scouting recommendations sucked but anyway take the money, now f off.
  13. If I were you guys I'd be more focused on finding those tunnels, the ones that criss-cross the country. They contain decades worth of food and fresh water.
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