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  1. I am watching the first season of The Norm Show on Youtube.
  2. I'm not paying $40 million to a guy who plays 110 games.
  3. Yes we heard so much about the "service economy", the economy of the future, and a friend used to ask how economic growth would occur when we were all cutting each others' hair.
  4. Hey it's The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. I like her.
  5. Plus there is the whole issue of nobody else wanting him.
  6. That is a very interesting article. I like the passing reference to Harrison visiting The Band in Woodstock in 1969, Clapton did that too.
  7. Why can't you get immigrants from places like Norway?
  8. I know that there is still a lot of time left but right now it looks like I won't be voting in your midterms. The border is slowly opening but I have mixed vax doses, one Pfizer and one Moderna, and it isn't clear whether every country is going to approve mixed doses. So my plans are on hold. Ordinarily I would vote in Buffalo, Erie, and Cleveland, and try to make it to Toledo.
  9. Wherever Jim spends the rest of his days, I hope it will be in a nice area.
  10. Riley Greene is not playing AFL. He suffered a concussion during his last game, diving for a ball.
  11. He was in an unfortunate situation for sure, caused 100% by his inability to control the clubhouse. Whatever happened afterwards doesn't change the fact that the players chose to ignore him. Anyway this is all old news, there isn't anything he can do to change it now.
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