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  1. The Tigers put losing teams on the field because Avila and Chadd and the rest of them were bad at their jobs. It wasn't a deliberate attempt to improve their draft position. They knew what to do, they were just really bad at doing it.
  2. And in the end he gets a little wobbly in the 7th. Another great game.
  3. Ugh. I thought that we had all agreed last year that Wentz was never going to pitch for the Tigers again.
  4. Skubal at 82 through 6...that's 16 pitches total in the last 2 innings. He's got a chance for 8 innings now.
  5. He should play 120 games, hit .240 with 20 home runs, and make the All Star team. But unfortunately, he isn't allowed to play that often. It's a mystery.
  6. You can't throw that lefthanded 80 mph sh*t to Jake Rogers
  7. Rogers is on deck, he is going to detonate one
  8. McKinstry bloops a 2 run single, 6-0 now.
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