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  1. Some would argue that you shouldn't invest big in free agency if you are not going to field an expected playoff team. I think they will bring in at least one big name free agent, it's just after that where it becomes unclear. For the rotation will they spend 15-20 million on someone like Robbie Ray? Or go cheaper on another round of rehab projects? Even if they spend like you suggest they aren't adding anything to the bullpen. And will they trade a prospect or two this year to add bullpen arm? My sense is they will go after a big time SS and after that it will be similar to the last couple of off seasons.
  2. Unless the Tigers spend a lot of money on 3-4 free agents, they are going to open the season with some serious holes on the team. And that is with Tork and Green making the team. I don't know if they will spend or begin trading prospects to fill SS, 2 SP's, C and some bullpen help. We are counting on Manning to fill a spot in the rotation and that is no certainty either. I am sure they will spend some and then hope to find lower priced players to fill out the rest of them team, but it seems like a long shot to fill all of the holes enough to build an expected playoff team. In 2023 the picture looks a lot better with MIggy coming off the books, Turnbull coming back, and the most recent draft class being closer to the bigs.
  3. I feel confident they will spend big on a position player, most likely a SS. I am less confident on what quality of SP they will bring in. My guess is it will be more of the mid tier SP, like a Jake Odorizzi. I don't think they will be dumpster diving like they have the last couple of years; Matt Moore, Urena, Teheran, etc.
  4. Monday night was a perfect microcosm of the good and bad with Goff. He can look on point and someone you can win with for a half and then he's fumbling and throwing ugly interceptions. Personally i think they will move on after this season. Hopefully he has some trade value still left.
  5. I wore jean shorts to my nieces' softball game a year or two ago and was informed to not do that again. "Jorts" are out i guess.
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