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  1. There was a video on Twitter that James Edwards posted like a week ago of Cade participating in the pre game shootaround and he looked fine. He was taking jump shots and layups, didnt look like he was walking gingerly or anything so either they are being overly cautious or perhaps he reaggravated it since that video.
  2. Yeah there's no way I'm using the number 1 pick on any of these QBs. If some of them fall to the Rams pick perhaps I would be open to using that on one depending on how they perform from here on out but I still think the best option is to wait for next year.
  3. Michigan/Msu game now set for Noon. I think many thought it would be a later start but looking at the World Series Schedule Game 4 is scheduled the same day so that will probably occupy Fox's prime time spot.
  4. BTW in terms of the draft I know Cruzer isn't a fan of Thibedeaux but God damn does he impress me. Watched the game last night and he was in the backfield seemingly every play, the numbers say he "only" had a QB hurry 50% of the plays which is phenomenal as is but it looked like even more than that to me.
  5. I agree, even though both Ohio State and Bama lost I think they are the best 2 teams after Georgia. If Penn State's QB is healthy I think they could give Ohio State a battle but otherwise I think it's going to come down to those 3 teams again like it seemingly always does but alteast there's no Clemson this time.
  6. Under Harbaugh I believe Gary and Bush are the only two defenders picked in the top half of the first round and neither was viewed as highly as Hutchinson(assuming he carries this grade to the rest of the year). While Gary has been a disappointment he's starting to turn it on a bit this year now so if he continues this positive trend he may pan out. As mentioned Bush made the All Rookie team and looked like a future stud before tearing his ACL last year. I just don't think there is enough of a sample size to determine one way or another.
  7. Too late to edit but I was gonna say of course at the time I didn't appreciate it as much because he gave up a hit. At that point in my life I had the Jack Morris mentality that an out is an out and a strike out is just extra pitches, so while I thought it was impressive I didn't think it was any better than a no hitter.
  8. My favorite Cubs game was the famous Kerry Wood game, I was a sophomore in High School and our baseball game got rained out(it was actually more like snow) so I got home in time to watch from like the 3rd inning on. Still the best pitching performance I have ever seen.
  9. I never really paid a whole lot of attention to Harry or SKip even though I watched a ton of Braves and Cubs games as a kid/teen. The one memory I have of Skip and the color guy for Atlanta is when Chipper Jones just got called up every time he did anything they would go crazy, no matter what it was. Or if they were going to a break and showing who was coming up the following inning they would make sure to emphasize that Chipper was coming up. His excitement for Chipper became an inside joke with me, my brother and neighbor/best friend who would all watch the games together. We were all just young teens at the time and got a kick out of it so to this day if were around each other in public and we hear a bunch of people yelling and screaming one of us will say "God damn is Chipper Jones up or something?"
  10. I do remember the Rays being notorious for getting extra picks back in the old compensation system. I remember back in I believe the 2011 draft the Rays had 10 or 11 draft picks before we even got our first. Of course we lost our pick that year for signing Victor but still that is crazy.
  11. My family didn't get PASS sports so before the advent of Fox Sports Detroit I probably watched more Cubs games on WGN than I watched Tigers as a 10-15 year old. I probably only saw a couple Tigers games a week where as virtually every day after school it felt like I was watching the Cubs. Thankfully I never became a fan of them.
  12. I'm sure I watched the Tigers before hand but my earliest memory of watching baseball was a Braves vs. Pirates game. I even remember the pitcher for the Braves, Zane Smith. Just the name Zane left a lasting impression on me. I'm guessing this was 86ish when I was about 5 years old.
  13. Odds are he won't but when you sign a long term deal like that isn't it accepted that the last couple years are going to be a a sunk cost? A few things that Correa has going for him, for starters is that his defense is far superior than Jeter's or Ripken's ever were, he's so good defensively that even when he eventually loses a step he'll still probably be passable at short, he also has a bat that can play anywhere, for his career he's about 30% above league average which is outstanding so even if he does have to move down the spectrum he can still provide value. Finally he is a former number 1 overall pick, that means something to me cause it shows that he has always had the pedigree which means that perhaps he just may be one of those outliers like Ripken or Jeter that stay valuable late in their careers.
  14. Jorge Soler is another potential right handed power bat we could go after. Is bad defensively and can only play the corners but he can hit for a ton of power.
  15. If were willing to pony up the money I really think we could get him. I brought up last week how former Astros Assistant to the GM Kevin Goldstein said that he thinks its between us and the Yankees for him but in the same chat he brought up how George Springer actually wanted to come here this past offseason due to Hinch but the Tigers weren't ready to spend. When somebody asked if AJ could really have that much influence on where a player signs he said yes.
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