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  1. Wilmer Flores throwing nothing but 98 and 99s is a nice sight after his velo loss last year.
  2. I see no reason why Jung wouldn't get called up some point this season if he performs well in the minors and the guys on the big league team don't or get injured. I mean he's 23 and will be 2 years removed from getting drafted so from that perspective it's not that out of line.
  3. I wonder if Goff knew this was coming as well and that's why he hasn't signed yet.
  4. That and from what I understand there are certain rules in the NBA that don't pertain to leagues around the globe which makes offense even easier for guys. I remember Luka was on Redick's podcast a couple years ago and JJ asked him the difference between the NBA and Euroleague and Luka said the NBA was much easier which at first caught JJ by surprise until Luka explained the rules differences. I can't remember for sure which ones he mentioned but I believe 3 in the key was one of them. IIRC he said in Europe there was almost always a guy waiting for you at the rim cause they would just be camping out there but in the NBA you of course can't do that. He mentioned other factors as well but the rules thing is what stuck out to me.
  5. I think a guy like Joey Bosa could work since he only has 2 years left on his contract and the next couple years we should have the space to afford that. I just question what it would take to get him, if it's just a mid round pick or 2 then I'd go for it but I'm a little apprehensive about giving up a 1st for him.
  6. I have no idea how much it would cost nor if the Lions would even be interested in spending the money on a kicker but if they choose to go that route I'd love to go after Chase McLaughlin. He's a UFA, last year he went 29-31 on Field Goals including 7 of 8 from 50+ so he showed he was reliable from deep. Also didn't miss a PAT all year. Plus he is only 27 so if we sign him to a long term contract we could be set there for the foreseeable future. If they want to go the short term route they could sign somebody like Nick Folk for a year or 2. He'll be turning 40 but he showed he's still reliable going 29-30 overall and 11-12 from 40+(5-6 from 50+). Whatever the case I think it is pretty imperative they find a kicker that is reliable and Campbell trusts cause I still believe many of his 4th down calls this year were because he just didn't trust our guys to make it from outside say 40 yards.
  7. https://blogs.fangraphs.com/2024-top-100-prospects/ FG top 100. Tigers have 4 with Jobe 16, Clark 36, Keith 46 and Jung 48.
  8. ESPN put out their "overhaul" rankings today, which is essentially a future power ranking and they had the Lions number 2 behind Baltimore and in the "Still Super Bowl Contenders" tier. Baltimore, Detroit, KC and SF were the 4 teams in that order in that tier.
  9. The Commanders are looking like us under Quinn, except instead of going after anybody with ties to the Pats they are going after Lions.
  10. 25 mill a year seems like a pretty good deal for the Lions cause aren't other top WRs making upwards of 30 a year nowadays?
  11. Many of Holmes picks end up taking major strides in year 2 or 3 like Iffy, Barnes, Paschal(when he wasnt injured) and McNeil so despite his lackluster effort in limited time this year I'm not writing off Sordsal being a player in the future.
  12. I know there's guys from back in the day like Moon and Flutie who had NFL success after being in the CFL but are there any real recent examples? I trust Holmes but I'm totally tempering my expectations on this one. Maybe he'll help but I'm guessing more than likely he isn't going to amount to much.
  13. Shannon Hogan could handle all the on field reporting herself, she didnt need to be saddled with 4 people.
  14. Yeah if it wasn't Swift then it probably be a constant shot at one of the players' parents.
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